How Archibus can help with COVID-19

The various roles in Estate Management departments will all have questions about dealing with COVID-19

Health and Safety Officer

  • How do I protect my Employees, now and when everyone returns?
  • How can I track affected areas and trends?
  • How do we effectively communicate updates to employees?

Space Planner

  • Where will people work when they return?
  • What is our new capacity/density level?
  • How can I make employees feel safe?


  • How do I ensure that my team have training and PPE they need?
  • When are the optimal times to schedule cleaning services?

Crafts Person

  • Am I performing my work safely?
  • Are the procedures I’m following protecting my safety and that of my colleagues?


You can use Archibus to

  • Report and manage affected locations
  • Manage physical distancing
  • Notify Staff
  • Manage meeting room schedules and cleaning
  • Ensure proper protocols and training are provided


Here’s more detail on how the various applications can be used.


Environmental Health and Safety

 Easily track onsite and offsite COVID-19 cases, quickly identify trends and provide reporting

 Enable managers to quickly associate incidents with locations and personnel

Creating and Tracking a COVID-19 Incident in the Environmental Health and Safety Module





Track the Issue of PPE to staff



Emergency Preparedness

 Close affected areas immediately until disinfection/cleaning is completed

 Send Advisory Notices to all employees that occupy the affected areas


Space Management

Maintain accurate occupancy data to mitigate and manage exposure

 Use space classifications to identify affected spaces or spaces that require additional attention.

 Plan Back-to-work occupancy schemes




A plan of affected areas



Display Room Status


 Build-in Pre and Post cleaning time for meeting rooms

 Automatically create cleaning service requests between every meeting.

Building Operations

Create cleaning/disinfection procedures and generate work orders

 Develop shifts to reduce physical contact

 Execute Cleaning work orders generated by Reservations

 Incorporate safety protocols into work order procedures


In General, you could create a COVID-19 Homepage with specific alerts and all relevant reports


Hopefully, that has given you some ideas of how you might use Archibus to manage the effects of COVID-19. Remember, Archibus is offering the Environmental Health and Safety Module free for 18 months to customers who have a subscription. Take a look here for more details.


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David Perkins 


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