The changing the World and us.

In my last blog I talked about the potential future of technology with IOT and how technology is bringing us together despite living across the globe from each other. Since then though the world has been hit by a pandemic that threatens a lot of our way of life, and I want to talk about this and how we’re having to adapt, at least temporarily, to a new situation for many of us.

Since the spread of COVID-19 started becoming a pandemic the WHO has been researching and seeking to understand the Virus as well as provide the best methods of containing it and managing the reach of the virus. The level of contagiousness for this virus has now gotten to the point that the best thing that can be done by countries governments, is to recommend a high level of isolation and quarantine away from others.


This is having an obvious impact on businesses as it means that people are being encouraged by the government not to gather, no matter the reason. So, people are in essence being told not to go in to the office for work if it is possible for you to work from home.


This has created, not a new tech market, but an expansion of an already existing one, with a greater use of video conferencing like Zoom, remote desktop technology for the use of Support Technicians like Cisco’s Web Ex or Citrix’s Go To Meeting and finally a greater appreciation and utilisation of VPN software so that employees working from home can access office intranets and server files.


This will in the future allow for the creation and refinement of new technologies and markets that allows for us to be closer together as a species across the globe due to an increase in communication technology speeds. However, this market expansion will unfortunately happen after a hopefully small recession that will likely occur due to companies that fail to work within the confines of the current situation.


Finally, I would like to re-iterate what the government has been saying. Please stay at home as much as is possible, limit your interactions with other people and as I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing at this moment in time, please be sure to wash your hands.


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