MASS support during COVID19 restrictions

I just wanted to offer some reassurance that we are expecting minimal disruption to the support of your Archibus systems during this difficult time.

We are used to working remotely here at MASS, but specifically, we have the following measures in place
 All support staff have the ability to work from home
 All support technicians have access to the MASS Helpdesk system remotely
 The helpdesk phone lines can and will be re-directed to staff mobiles
 All support technicians have secure remote access to test systems/databases and other tools needed to diagnose and fix faults
 If we need to escalate anything to Archibus, that is always done via phone/internet anyway
 The only potential impact we may suffer would be a sickness of individual staff reducing our capacity, but we’re not anticipating that being an issue. Two of our support staff work remotely anyway, including one in India, and we have identified extra capacity we could call on if needed

The Mass Helpdesk remains the most effective way to log support calls and ensure that any issues you have with your Archibus system are dealt with efficiently.

The link you need to access the helpdesk is as follows
Should you need reminding of your login details please contact

Please use the Helpdesk in the first instance to reports issues. As an escalation point, email , or Sian directly at the address above, so that we are able to prioritise the engineer's workloads effectively.

I hope that helps reassure you that we’re “Business As Usual” here at MASS, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask using the contact points above.


For any further queries please contact MASS at 0118 977 8560 or visit our website at

David Perkins - Project Manger 


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