Smart Client features V24.1

In this blog, we cover the Smart Client features for version 24.1. 

1. Overview

The ARCHIBUS Smart Client application enables specific users to connect directly to the same application servers, database servers, and secured projects as ARCHIBUS Web Central. 


Smart Client applications include:


  • Smart Client: This Windows-based application includes grid views for bulk data updates and analysis, as well as Web Central views that can include enterprise graphics, drill-down selection lists, and smart search consoles. Web views are shown in an embedded browser window. 
  • ARCHIBUS Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD and the Extension for Revit: These applications provide features for manipulating CAD data and Building Information Models (BIM) using a streamlined Ribbon based on the Microsoft® Office's Fluent™ user interface. 

Smart Client 

The Smart Client provides tools for working with your data in grids, while also providing access to Web applications. 



2.    Smart Client features

Using the Smart Client, you can:

  1. 3.    New Smart Client features and fixes

Smart Client Recent Views List


Users can now return to views that they have recently viewed in the ARCHIBUS Smart Client. They do this without having to save each view. Hence, this feature provides a historical list of recent views. This is particularly useful when users working in Smart Client need to go back and forth between tables or views while analyzing or updating data in tables belonging to different hierarchical structures. In such cases, users do not have to restart table searches from scratch.


A list of recent views appears in Smart Client's Views pane on the left:

























 Supported Autodesk 2019 Products 

ARCHIBUS continues to support the latest AutoCAD and Revit versions from Autodesk.

ARCHIBUS supports:

  • AutoCAD 2019
  • Autodesk Architecture 2019
  • Revit Architecture 2019
  • Revit Mechanical 2019


Several improvements and fixes to the Smart Client Extensions for Revit and AutoCAD and to the Smart Client itself have been included in this release. The list below provides a brief description of key changes.


Smart Client Extension for Revit


  • The BIM Explorer now recognizes Revit Area elements along with a broader range of Revit categories that have been mapped to ARCHIBUS asset types.
  • Changed the default fill opacity for viewing objects from 1 to 0.3. This permits structures such as walls in drawings published from Revit or AutoCAD to become visible in the ARCHIBUS Space Console.
  • Fixed issues so that assets can now be published from linked models.

For Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD

  • Fixed issues so that polylines and text in floor plans can now be depicted accurately in the Space Console.


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