Budgeting for Maintenance using Archibus Reports

Although budget cycles vary, many organisations are involved with setting budgets now in time for the new Tax Year in April.

When budgeting for maintenance costs, Archibus 24.1 provides some useful reports as standard.

Historical costs are a good predictor of future costs, and Archibus provides several reports for looking at and analysing these.

For example, within the Building Operations application, under 

 Building operations – management reports

You will find the Work Request Budgets and Costs report

Which can show the Actual Work and Budgeted Costs by Month or by Building.


Looking at the previous year’s costs, the accuracy of the previous budget and allowing for any changes to the estate and inflation, a budget for next year’s planned and reactive maintenance can be arrived at.



Looking at Management Reports – Dashboards – Budget Analysis – Cost Details


provides further details of how these costs were incurred and knowing this can inform the next year’s budget.




A history of Parts Used can be found in the Operational Reports section of the Building Operations Application



When it comes to forecasting the costs associated with Planned Preventative Maintenance, Archibus 

has the Preventative Maintenance Planner within Building Operations.

This allows detailed planning of the year’s Preventative Maintenance, with a degree of automation if combined with SFG20 for example. 

From that plan, accurate costs can be forecast. 


Finally, with regards to budgeting, the Asset Manager Application provides several ways of looking at assets that will depreciate during the upcoming financial year, together with those that will need replacing.

Below is the part of the Asset Lifecycle Console.



This has been a brief look at how Archibus can help with budgeting and forecasting, covering Labour and Parts for Planned and Reactive maintenance, together with the depreciation of assets and equipment.

For more information, take a look at the Archibus website, call MASS on 0118 977 8560 or email us at news@mass-plc.com

David Perkins 


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