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In this Blog, we cover the Web Central Hoteling module. This is a Web application for managing workers workspaces. When workers -- whether they are on a temporary contract, typically telecommute, or are employees temporarily displaced from their offices and require a hot desk-- arrive at the site, their first immediate action is to go to their assigned workspace so that they can settle into the day's work.


Ensuring that these workers have an office or workspace to go to, that this office is equipped to meet their needs, and that the employee is notified of their assigned space can be accomplished through the ARCHIBUS Hoteling application and its tasks to create and manage the hoteling process. From the administration and cost side, the ARCHIBUS Hoteling application supports charging departments for their use of temporarily occupied seats, assessing the utilization of booked seats, and helping you to determine if you have enough seats dedicated to the hoteling process.


The ARCHIBUS Hoteling application is organised into a set of role-based tasks designed for the various roles within your organization. With roles and security established by a business process owner, users will log into ARCHIBUS and access just those tasks appropriate for their roles and security settings.


1. Background Data

The standard background facility data such as rooms, employees and departments must be configured first.
The business process owner then defines the way that the Hoteling application operates at their site:


 Define Approval, Notification, and Confirmation Parameters

 Define Hotelable Rooms

 Associate Allowable Room Standards and Employee Standards

 Define Department Approving Manager

 Assign User Roles to Hoteling Security Groups



By running the Define Approval and Notification Parameters task, the business process owner can control whether or not approval is required for booking rooms, how the system notifies users of their bookings, how it notifies approving managers of items to approve, and how it handles confirmations.



2. Typical users

The following are typical users:

































3. Create Booking


To book a seat for temporary use, the Create Bookings task tabbed interface, will walk you through the steps of booking a seat.


 Search for seats.

 Book seats.

 Review your bookings.

 Confirm the booking (check-in the day of the booking).


The exact options that appear depend on:

 If you are booking a seat for yourself, a visitor, or another employee.
 If you are creating a single booking or multiple bookings that occur during a specified time frame and follow a recurring pattern, such as the first Monday of each month.

 The security groups with which you are associated
 If your site has implemented the confirmation feature




After a booking is made, the automated workflow rules ensure that the appropriate employees and external guests receive email notifications of the booking.

Role-based tasks allow users to do the following processes:


 Create Booking
 Review Booking
 Confirm Bookings
 Approve Bookings

Checking in (Confirming) a Booking

If your site has implemented the check-in feature, you will need to confirm or "check-in" to the seat that you booked. If you do not check-in within the specified time window for the booking start time, the system removes the booking and makes the seat available to other users. System managers at your site determine the window within the booking start time that you must check into the seat.

For example, suppose the following conditions exist:

 You have booked a seat for an afternoon.
 Your site considers an afternoon booking to start at 1:00 pm.
 Your site requires you to confirm a seat 30 minutes before the start of the booking.

If you do not confirm the booked seat by 12:30 pm, the system will delete the booking and make the seat available to other users to book.


4. Reports

The following Operational reports are available:

 Bookings for a Date Range Bookings with Images for a Date Range
 Rooms Without Bookings for a Date Range Rooms Without Bookings with Images for a Date Range
 Bookings by Employee
 Bookings by Department Bookings by Department for a Date Range
 Highlight Hotelable Rooms



The following management reports are available:

 Over-allocated and Under-allocated Rooms Report

 Hoteling Chargeback Report

 Hoteling Utilization Reports

 Seat Savings Reports



Thank you for reading today’s blog. MASS will be back next week with a new blog! For any questions about ' Web Central 24.1 Hoteling', please contact me, Andrew Taylor at  0118 977 8560 or visit our website at: www.mass-plc.com

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