ARCHIBUS Workplace Services: Reservations Part 1

In today’s blog I shall be introducing the subject of reservations and how you can lean on the ARCHIBUS solution to assist. This week I shall start by tackling reservation timeline.


The Challenge…….

How well an organisation’s people manage their time is the measure of a truly effective and collaborative environment.

The reality is that booking rooms can be a bit of a hunting ground. Even if you consider it ‘booked’, there can often be cases of embarrassing double-bookings, organising a room which is either too big or small for a meeting’s purpose, and generally just misallocation of resources. I’ve experienced this first-hand on client sites. All these challenges and more can easily be managed using ARCHIBUS Reservations.



The ARCHIBUS Reservation application provides a web-based application for managing enterprise room and resource reservations.


With this application, you can manage several variables to ensure optimal use of space and resources as well as a smooth transition from one meeting to the next.


You can define the various room arrangements you might want, such as a conference room, a classroom, or a theatre room arrangement.


In some instances, you can define multiple room arrangements for one room. If required, you can also define different set-up and clean-up times for each room arrangement. The user can then reserve the room arrangement that best suits their needs and can also consider set-up and clean-up times when planning their agenda.


In addition, tradespeople can easily review set-up and clean-up tasks.


You can also reserve various types of resources. Firstly, you can define the fixed resources that always remain in a room. In addition, you can create a resource reservation to correspond with a room reservation. You can also set up resource reservations that are separate from room reservations. A resource reservation may include:


  • Unique resources, such as a specific laptop or projector
  • Limited resources, such as IT personnel or a printer
  • Unlimited resources, items that can be ordered in any amount, such as catering services


After a reservation is made, the automated workflow rules ensure that the appropriate employees and external guests receive email notifications of the reservations.


You can use the management reports to review the utilisation rate of your rooms and resources. This provides you with vital information to optimise the use of your shared resources.




Easily view from mobile devices or desktop, the details of all created reservations.














Reservation Timeline:



The Reservations application provides a graphical timeline for booking room and resource reservations.


  • You first use the restriction console to specify your search criteria.
  • After conducting your search, you can review the available room arrangements and resources in the timeline.
  • You can then reserve the room arrangements or resources that best suits your needs.
  • The timeline shows the time for the site for the selected room or resource.
  • To compare the site's time to time elsewhere, you can select an additional time zone that is displayed at the bottom of the timeline.

In my next instalment, Part 2 will cover the following topics:



In the interim, if you would like to understand more about how our Reservations module can help your business, please contact me, Ravi Girn on 0118 977 8560 or visit our website at:


Ravi Girn



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