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 In this Blog we cover the new self-service ARCHIBUS Workplace interface. This is a Web application that makes it easy for anyone to request maintenance and services, reserve spaces and find everything they need. With a seamless experience across phones, tablets, desktops and kiosks, ARCHIBUS Workplace connects users to their workstations, conference rooms, and equipment through an easy online system, complete with interactive floor plans and QR codes. With Workplace, users can also view the requests they have made.


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  1. 1.    Introduction

The Self-Service Workplace uses a Level 1 licence aimed at enterprise-wide employees.

When managers sign into ARCHIBUS Workplace, they receive additional features for tracking all requests in one place and accessing alerts and metrics to optimise their workplace strategy.

There are a few ways to access ARCHIBUS Workplace:

  • launch the application from a URL
  • launch the application from a QR-code attached to workstations, conference rooms, or equipment
  • sign in as a guest on a walk-up kiosk
  • access it from your phone or tablet. On phones and mobile devices, the application supports the "Add to home screen" function, meaning that it appears on the home screen as an application. However, it needs no installation and requires no sync


From Workplace,

 The self-service users can:

    • request meeting spaces and working spaces
    • request maintenance
    • request equipment service
    • request moves
    • make other types of requests particular to your site
    • search for buildings and review their floor plans
    • search for rooms and locate them on floor plans
    • search for employees and locate their assigned office on a floor plan
    • search for a department and examine on a floor plan all the space assigned to this department
    • review a floor plan and see each department's space on that floor

Self-service users can access Workplace from:

  • mobile devices desktops
  • walk-up kiosks
  • a tablet mounted in a conference room
  • by scanning a QR code in a room or on a piece of equipment and then entering a request for this item 


  1. 2.    Creating a Work Request 

A simple interface allows the user to create a Work Request


Select Work Request category : 















Upload photos: 




















  1. 3.    Booking and Viewing Meeting or Working space requests

A floor plan allows the user to easily view and book a meeting space or reserve a working space






































4.    Searching and viewing Equipment

The soft search will filter and find Employees, Buildings, Rooms, Departments and Equipment






A floor plan location and Equipment details will be shown



This was a brief summary of the self-service ARCHIBUS Workplace interface. For more details, contact our team at : 

0118 977 8560 or email us at news@mass-plc.com

Andrew Taylor 








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