Archibus Portfolio Management

This blog demonstrates Archibus’s ability to help owners manage a portfolio of properties, where some are owned, some leased, some may be rented out to tenants and others are occupied by the owner or empty.


Leases can be centrally stored, and costs allocated and invoiced to individual tenants for the duration of their lease.


The result is increased efficiency and reduced errors performing chargebacks and executing invoicing/receivables processes, all of which is essential for reducing the administrative cost of managing leased properties.



A centralized repository of accurate, easily accessible information is the foundation for strategically managing a real estate portfolio.


The Archibus Portfolio Manager offers multi-view capabilities for switching between Land, Structures and Buildings. Graphical and GIS information is available


Example below: List/View properties with GIS information.

Lease Administration 


This allows you to centralise and automate lease administration processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and avoid penalties.


Organisations with extensive lease portfolios are faced with the daunting task of tracking numerous leases with varying expiration dates and equally variable terms of tenancy. Relying on manual processes to track and manage these leases can result in errors based on inaccessible or inaccurate information, missed renewal dates, internal customer frustration, and possible monetary penalties. Web-based Archibus Lease Administration provides a centralised repository, flexible dashboards, automated alerts, and more. Deploying the application will help streamline data entry, automate lease information-gathering and management, and improve analytic capabilities, all while providing a high service level at reduced cost.

Cost Administration 

Centralise and streamline the processes of defining, allocating, and approving portfolio occupancy costs. 


Accurately tracking and managing an organization’s occupancy costs is a competitive advantage, and also an organisational challenge- incredibly difficult without a centralised repository and the right analytical tools. Archibus Cost Administration provides proactive real estate managers and lease administrators with a Web-based solution that centralises and streamlines the definition, allocation, and approval of portfolio occupancy costs. It can reduce administrative overhead and improve decision making. The application also features an intuitive Wizard that tracks lifecycle costs at the invoice- or summary-level until final cost allocations are issued, as well as sophisticated filtering for multidimensional cost analysis, and more.



Cost Chargeback & Invoicing

Improve the process of charging back costs, issuing invoices, and tracking receivables to reduce administrative expense.

Increasing efficiency and reducing errors in performing chargebacks and executing invoicing/receivables processes is essential for reducing the administrative cost of managing properties. Now both goals can be achieved with the Archibus Cost Chargeback & Invoicing application. This Web-based solution’s sophisticated Wizards enable lease administrators and portfolio managers to automate all real estate-related accounting functions. The Chargeback Wizard provides users with an intuitive tool for flexible cost allocation to internal cost centres and/or external tenants, while the Invoicing/Receivables Wizard enables accurate, automated billing and payment processes for enhanced account management.



This has been a brief look at how Archibus helps property portfolio managers increase accuracy and efficiency when leasing out a complex fast-changing portfolio of properties.


For more information, take a look at the Archibus websiteReal Estate and Portfolio Management. At MASS we are happy to help and advise. Contact me, David Perkins at 0118 977 8560 or alternatively email us at


David Perkins 



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