Asbestos Management using MASS Module

Decades of research have proven exposure to Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral, causes cancer and other serious diseases. 


Inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause cancers such as mesothelioma and lung cancer, as well as other serious lung diseases such as asbestosis and pleural thickening.


Symptoms will vary depending on what asbestos condition someone has. Some of the common symptoms can include:


  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing
  • Persistent tiredness
  • Chest pain


Asbestos exposure is the number one cause of work-related deaths in the world. Approximately 90,000 people die from asbestos-related diseases globally each year and even in the UK fatalities total over 2,500 people annually. This number is on the increase.

Deaths HSE UK Government 1980 to 2016 : 


The issue of asbestos in buildings is therefore taken very seriously by the regulatory authorities. Legislation requires all building owners and managers to develop and maintain a register of the asbestos within their buildings.



 But we still see the devastating effects it has, and continues to have.


Why and where was Asbestos used?


Although asbestos fibres are microscopic, they are extremely durable and resistant to fire, as well as most chemical reactions and breakdowns. For these reasons, it was used for many years in many different building materials and especially as a fire retardant.


The strength of asbestos, combined with its resistance to heat, allowed it to become the material of choice in a variety of products including, roofing shingles, floor tiles, ceiling materials, cement compounds, textile products, electrical and automotive parts.


Is Asbestos safe?


No. Airborne asbestos fibres, which are easily inhaled, have been shown to cause cancer. As a result of its extensive use in domestic, commercial and industrial products, hundreds of thousands of people have been exposed to asbestos in some capacity.


There is no safe type of asbestos and no safe level of exposure. Nearly all those with exposure history are potentially at risk of developing serious respiratory health complications. 


  • All the evidence shows that person-to-person infection does not occur with Asbestos.
  • Blue (crocidolite) and brown (amosite) asbestos were banned in 1985. White (chrysotile) asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999, nearly 15 years after the first asbestos bans. This 1999 ban made the manufacture and supply of all asbestos products illegal in the UK.


How Can Mass Help?


To meet the demands of this legislation, Mass has developed Asbestos Masster for ARCHIBUS, which not only registers the asbestos in buildings but forms the core of an asbestos management system. Asbestos Masster is designed to record all asbestos and suspected elements, and provide immediate risk assessments to help in recommending courses of action.


Designed to help manage asbestos well into the next decade, Mass’ Asbestos Masster features:


• Unlimited number of addresses/ building references/asbestos locations;

• Multiple risk factors;

• Recording of asbestos surveys;

• Multiple report formats;

• Multilevel security access;

• User-friendly design;


The Asbestos Masster is designed to ensure:


• Conformity and integrity of survey information;

• Traceability of sample analysis and results;

• Accurate assessments of risk;

• High quality asbestos management recommendations;

• Compliance with existing and predicted future legislation;


Asbestos Masster allows the building manager to actively manage the asbestos in his or her building stock. It removes uncertainty by providing high quality management information, along with recommendations.


With Mass’ Asbestos Masster you can reduce the risks of exposure to your workforce and any other vulnerable groups. It’s also important to demonstrate to the authorities your responsible and proactive approach to asbestos management.


Screen Overviews : 

Asbestos Masster Main screen - 


Asbestos Masster Survey Menu - 


Asbestos Masster Floor plans – Rooms ordered by Risk.




For further details about Asbestos Masster, please contact me, Ravinder Girn on 07741 882058 Or visit our website at: Watch out for next weeks Wednesday weekly blog! 

Ravi Girn 



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