Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Hello there, Today’s topic is CMMS (or CMMIS, with the I standing for Information), which remains as one of Archibus’ key functional areas of business operations. Within this blog we will look to further our understanding of the value of Maintenance Management as a concept and within the Archibus platform.


CMMS introduced to the world around 1965 when it began being adopted across some of the biggest firms in the world. Since that early period, it has gone through lots of changes, iterations and conceptual expansions.

In more recent times the phenomenal growth in computing power, and latter-day emergence of the Internet drove, has driven forward vast technological improvements across all frontiers. In-line with these Computing generations, CMMS have also gone through generations of step change advances. In more recent times CMMS have steadily developed into a solution that is equally accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises everywhere. Cloud computing is the latest evolution in the CMMS software sector. With cloud-based CMMS software, there is no need for complex server set-up and configuration.

CMMS is a software package designed to maintain a computer database for an organisation’s maintenance operations and human resources functions. CMMS software packages are nearly the same as Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) packages, which is often simply referred to as Facility Management (FM) software.


CMMS data may also be used to verify regulatory compliance. The buzz words of today.


To properly control the maintenance of a facility, information is required to analyse what is occurring, often in real time. Manually this requires a tremendous amount of effort and time. CMMS software packages are often linked to other software and control of processes throughout the organisation, such as cost analysis, maintaining fixed assets (machines and required tooling), scheduled work and scheduled equipment maintenance.


Today, almost every industry (big or small) is moving away from traditional methods of managing maintenance, such as paper and Excel, and adopting maintenance software to help them conquer operational chaos, increase efficiency, cut costs, and reduce downtime.


CMMS through Archibus can have an impact on several roles within an organization. Here are a few key users and how they can take advantage of our maintenance software.


In Archibus, CMMS is divided into two parts: Preventive Maintenance (PM) and On-Demand Maintenance (ODM).

Archibus's On-Demand and Preventive Maintenance applications both use work requests and work orders as the tool to address a facility's maintenance issues. These applications differ in how users originate work requests and work orders.


However, once work orders are generated, these applications share many of the same tasks and processes that are required for managing them.


The Preventive Maintenance application provides tools and reports that help you establish and manage a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for your time-based and meter-based, regularly occurring maintenance work.


The application can be used to define work tasks such as inspection, calibration, adjustment, cleaning, lubrication, and parts replacement. The jobs can then be scheduled at intervals necessary to prevent breakdown and maintain proper operation.


By automating preventive maintenance, organisations minimize the risk that critical maintenance is missed or that errors occur. Automation ensures efficient and timely work order execution, effective balancing of schedules and resources, and information tracking for planning and reporting purposes.


The On-Demand Maintenance application automates on-demand maintenance applications and processes for an organisations ‘unplanned’ issues. It manages maintenance work requests, approvals and dispatching, estimating and scheduling work, creating and issuing work orders, and closing work orders. The On-Demand Work application provides tools to automate all of an organisation's on-demand maintenance processes, from requesting maintenance to approving, scheduling, issuing, and completing the work.


Here are the key users who will get the benefits of CMMS of Archibus:-


1) Business Process Owner to manage background data.

2) Maintenance Manager to define maintenance procedure, assigning and scheduling them and generate work orders

3) Service Desk Manager to define service level agreement

4) Supervisor to schedule craftsperson and tools, and then managing Work Orders

5) Craftsperson to update labour hours and other details in work requests


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope to have provided enough of the basic information on CMMS and how Archibus is providing CMMS as a core functionality. If you are interested in this topic and would like to chat to MASS all about it, we are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at

Poornima Katyal 


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