Web Central 24.1 : Grid Control 3.0

In this blog, we cover the Web Central V.24.1 new grid control capabilities, ARCHIBUS Grid Control 3.0. Web Central's PM Planner (ab-pm-planner.axvw) uses this control.











Grid Control 3.0 offers advanced features and improves performance over Grid Control 2.0. Use Grid Control 3.0 to take advantage of these capabilities:


  • Load and paginate data rapidly
  • Present data in a contemporary interface
  • Filter date ranges, numeric ranges, and the like via a mini-console
  • Change column order
  • Group columns
  • Specify fixed columns

Group Columns

To group columns, specify in the view file that certain columns have a group title.

The example below groups cost columns under Costs:








Change Column Order

Drag columns left or right to change their order. Reload the view to restore the original order.

If a column lies within a group, you can drag the column within the group, but not outside of it.



Group Columns by Category

To group records by category, specify the default category in

the view. You can also provide a view action to change a category.









Each category header displays the number of records in that category.

By default, the grid expands all categories after the view loads. You can collapse categories, as above, or expand any category to display its list of records.


Page Control

You can force a grid to display records on multiple pages. Page control appears below the list of records:



If the grid groups records by category, records within each category may span multiple pages. If you expand or collapse any category, the grid recalculates the number of visible records, and the number of pages required to display them.


Totals and Sub-totals

To display totals for numeric fields, add the showTotals property to the data source field in the view. The grid displays total values in the totals row.

If the grid groups records by category, each category header displays sub-totals for numeric fields, such as cost to complete for work requests:














Filter Records


You can filter records by any field value.

Apply these filter operations for text and enumerated fields: 











Apply these filter operations for date and numeric fields













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