Archibus Emergency Preparedness

This week I thought I would raise awareness of an application which perhaps our users are unaware of, or have not yet considered: Archibus Emergency Preparedness


What is Emergency Preparedness?


Every year, natural and man-made disasters cause significant disruption and financial loss to organisations like your own. Archibus Emergency Preparedness has been designed for Emergency Planners and Health & Safety Managers wanting to maintain and easily share information needed during emergencies, as well as to manage fallout or post-disaster recovery.


Archibus Emergency Preparedness consolidates relevant hazard and emergency contact information and simplifies communications in this context. The aim is to enable safe and informed responses to emergencies and ensure continuity of operations.




















Unlike hard-copy documentation or other non-integrated tools for emergency response, Archibus Emergency Preparedness is web-based and provides easy and rapid access to complete, live information which is directly linked to an organisation’s:


  • Emergency Exit and Occupancy Plans;
  • Space and personnel records;
  • Hazard assessments;
  • Hazardous materials inventories;
  • Safety and system zones within floor plans

Role-based tools for sharing emergency information and managing post-emergency assessment and recovery processes help business and property owners avoid expensive loss of assets, as well as putting an end to the typically lost productivity that can occur.


What are the benefits of having this system in place? Our Emergency Preparedness application:

  • Provides proactive emergency operations management that can potentially save lives, protect property and reduce insurance costs
  • Enables quick access of accurate information to make critical life-safety decisions during a disaster
  • Organises information to implement disaster recovery plans and resume normal operations as soon as possible for minimal disruption
  • Assists in expediting insurance claims and negotiating more favourable coverage terms


If you would like to learn more, please contact me, Ravi Girn at Mass, so I can understand more about your specific requirements and advise on how MASS can help. Call us on 0118 977 8560 or alternatively email us at

If there are any other topics you would like us to cover in our blogs please let us know.

Ravi Girn 




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