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This week I’m sharing more about Archibus Workplace. New in Archibus 24.1, Archibus Workplace aims to connect people to their spaces, using a web-based user interface that runs on many different devices: Kiosks, Tablets, Phones & Desktop. 


A previous blog dealt with its connection to Outlook, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to showcase the new interface, which brings different Archibus applications together and empowers users to: 


 Archibus Workplace on a kiosk : 

  • Find Colleagues
  • Find Equipment
  • Book Spaces
  • Request Services
  • Report Faults
  • Request Moves

All data and activity in the Archibus Workplace is managed by familiar Archibus Enterprise Solutions: e.g. Space Planning and Management, Building Operations and Asset Management.

All Archibus applications share a single database, so you can centralise information and easily scale to add solutions as you grow.





Find Resources

Search for people, rooms, and equipment in one system with advanced filters. Browse by list or floorplan and drill into key details.





Find and Book Meeting Spaces





Bookings by phone, tablet, kiosk, or QR code. Avoid scheduling conflicts, view photos and details to see if spaces meet your needs.












Enable staff to track all reservations on a personal homepage.










Request Services, report faults request moves


Empower staff to make and track service requests, from maintenance to personal moves. Include photos, descriptions, and location details to improve outcomes and ultimately, enhance the safety and well-being of everyone in the workplace.


1. Scan QR Code

 2. Take Photo

 3. Submit Request





















So that’s a brief look at Archibus Workplace, the latest way for your staff to connect with their workspaces.


Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks weekly Wednesday blog! If you are interested in this topic and would like to chat to MASS all about it, we are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at

David Perkins


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