Putting the customer first – Meet our new Business Administrator

Hi all!


I’m Siân, and I’m here to introduce myself as the newest addition to the MASS team. 


I joined MASS on 1st April 2019 and I must admit when I was told my start date, I did start to wonder if I would turn up that Monday and have Tracy, our Office Manager, shout ‘April Fools!’ 


Thankfully my fears were unfounded and I received a warm welcome from all of the team.


The night before my start date I had a message from Tracy explaining that I would need to have good news and a monthly objective ready to share in MASS’s Monday Morning Meeting. As I’m sure you can imagine, this was a little daunting. Our Monday Morning Meeting always begins with an activity, led by that week’s host. On my first day we had a taste test involving Pringles and various fizzy drinks. I soon realised I’d joined an interesting team.


I’ve spent most of the last 12 years as a full time mum. In that time, I’ve had a couple of roles that fitted in around the children, such as a Teaching Assistant (working one to one with children who have special needs), and a Receptionist for a large hotel chain.


Before children, almost 12 years ago (I’m not sure who ages me more- the pre-teen or the toddler!) I worked in Purchasing; my last role being Purchasing Executive in the Procurement department of an IT company. As a company we predominantly dealt with the hardware side of the industry, supplying and supporting our customers with their hardware solutions, be it PCs, servers or POS systems.


Although I do have somewhat of an IT background, both software and Facilities Management are new ground for me, so I’m on a bit of a journey of discovery when it comes to ARCHIBUS and all it has to offer, although a journey I am thoroughly enjoying.


I was hired as a Business Administrator for MASS. This job title gives little away about what my role here entails, so allow me to enlighten you. My role is split into two parts; on one side I manage the MASS Helpdesk and on the other, I handle the sales administration.


Managing the Helpdesk comprises of raising support calls, liaising with the technical team and ensuring that our clients are being kept abreast of where we are with resolving issues. It’s important to me that calls are being dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. With that in mind, internal discussions are vital in terms of striving to improve and build on how we at MASS best serve our client base. We welcome all client feedback that will enable us to deliver the best possible service.


The sales administration side of my role gives me the obvious launchpad for creating relationships with new clients and for cementing foundations with existing ones. I interact with our clients from an early stage in the contract process. I am the second point of contact, after our Sales Account Manager, Ravi Girn, when it comes to ensuring MASS’s customers are happy with the way their contract is being handled and implemented.

I strongly believe in delivering a high standard of customer service, and in building and maintaining good ongoing relationships with our clients. As such, the two sides of my role complement each other superbly.

I am in a unique position where I both facilitate our clients’ contracts and also maintain a connection with them throughout delivery and beyond.


So, there’s a little bit about me and my unique position within the MASS team. For those clients reading along, I’m sure you’ve already spoken to me via phone or email and if not, I look forward to ‘meeting’ you shortly.


And if you’re not already a client of MASS, why not? We’re an innovative company with vast expert knowledge of ARCHIBUS and AutoCAD solutions, able to provide a first-rate service from the beginning and throughout your tenure with us.


If you have any queries call us on 0118 977 8560 or alternatively email us at news@mass-plc.com

If there are any other topics you would like us to cover in our blogs please let us know.


 Sian Bruce 


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