MASS went to the IWFM Event!

IWFM – International Challenges for Managing Risk and Business Continuity

As I headed over to London on a freezing cold late January evening to attend the IWFM ISIG (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management), I became intrigued by this month’s hot topic: managing risk and business continuity across the globe. It is one of the most challenging aspects

of FM full stop, let alone attempting to manage it at a local level.



We need to consider that every location has its own different set of risks, but also add to the mix the fact that many of these risks have potentially far-ranging impact- ranging from natural disasters to political instability and local technical infrastructure, and so on and so forth.


The chosen venue for IWFM’s first event of the year was Daiwa Capital Markets Europe LTD, City of London. On arrival, I was impressed with the turn up given that the snow had already started falling outside.



The first segment was the Risk and Business Continuity special interest group led by the special interest group chair Dave Cooke. He launched with a very appropriate quote from Artist Ai Weiwei:




Dave Cooke has recently published a best practice guide on Risk Management in the facilities management industry details of which you can find on the IWFM website here.



During this session, Dave outlined the key challenges in implementing an effective risk management system and how to overcome them.









John Moseley from STULZ Group was up next to present. He shared a recent client case study where the risks had not been adequately assessed. In this scenario, the risks related to planned preventative maintenance and led to a devastating failure, grinding the entire business to a halt.



However, he showed that calling upon the services of the STULZ group with their experience and reliable supply chain reduced the impact and got them back on their feet. It was the tale of an expensive lesson learned, but now it is safe to say they have a robust business continuity plan in place. This example of how things can go horribly wrong sparks off a whole new area of discussion: risk attitude acceptance and appetite. Perhaps a future blog on the horizon?







To finish off the event we were invited to the rather lavish Daiwa Capital Markets Europe foyer with an appetising spread of sweets, savouries and drinks (even a chocolate fountain).






The message I’d pass on from the event is that managing risk and having a business continuity plan is too often pushed back or not seen as a priority, when in reality it needs to be at the forefront, and businesses need to cover themselves against all events with both a Plan A and B in place  (none of which needs to be over-complicated). As Dave Cooke explained, there are very effective resources available that will allow you to prepare and initiate a robust risk management plan in place.


Well done to everyone who braved the winter weather to attend this successful event. It provided a useful reminder about an important area of FM.


If you would like to invite MASS to any of your FM related events then please reach out to us - we love going out and about. We are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at

Ravi Girn



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