Topscan and MASS Strategic Partnership

MASS started its partnership with Topscan in September 2015 and so as to strengthen our partnership we have completed a review and taken steps to ensure that we can provide our joint clients with the best possible service, therefore we are keen to shout about it!


"Topscan one of the leading and highly-respected survey, CAD, BIM and scanning companies the UK. We provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date information on their Land, Buildings, and Properties along with details how these are used, and the assets and MEP services within them. We are

unique in offering nationwide service using our own experienced

surveyors and state of the art surveying equipment. Accurate data, along with CAD and Revit drawings is key to efficient estates and facilities management and helps provide our clients with significant returns on their investments."





To give our clients a better understanding of how this particular partnership can benefit your organisation, we have conducted a downloadable document with more information. You can find that by clicking here.



We are always on the lookout for other valued added partners, and to also provide our clients with a similar document regarding our other partnerships as well (see image). So if keen to discuss this possibility then please email us at or give us a ring on 0118 977 8560.

Eve Feeney and Ravi Girn




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