BOMs: The Helpdesk Empowering You

There are very few areas of disagreement I have with ARCHIBUS, but one of them is the name of the Building Operations Console, sometimes called the Building Operation and Maintenance Console (BOMS console for short). Just because I am a simple soul, and I call a helpdesk a helpdesk! So, should you ever find yourself being trained by me, you will notice me referring- simply and unashamedly- to “helpdesk training”.












So what can you expect if you’re blessed enough to be graced with my presence in a training session (other than a tweak to the terminology!)? Well, I like to think I provide a task-focused orientation. I’m very aware that most of our day-to-day users will use the helpdesk every single working day. As MASS seeks to improve our clients’ experience of ARCHIBUS, the task we have is to demonstrate to our users the true power of the helpdesk. When we train, what we really want to do is share our knowledge of the system with you.


All users can use the helpdesk to see what is in their craftspeople’s queues and ensure the work is fairly allocated. Indeed the helpdesk is so powerful that the user can see which jobs are overdue. And if you’re working for a diverse estate, you can see all the jobs categorised to a particular building. All of this information helps you to better utilise your craftspeople’s precious time.


As the perfect example, let’s explore the filter options……














As you can see, the filters available in ARCHIBUS give the user an astounding range of options and allows users to find the data they need really speedily and effectively. And even better, once you’ve found the filter that works best for your needs, you’ll find it every time saved in your recent selections.


In the example screenshot below, you should see the real point of all this management of your jobs: the mobile app. A simple, actionable list of maintenance and preventative maintenance ready for all your craftspeople to action and update instantly when they’re done. Remember that by understanding the power of the helpdesk, you unleash the power of your craftspeople.



MASS do in fact, offer training on the BOMS Console. If you are interested in this, then please do get in touch so we can discuss dates, customisation and prices. To reach out to us regarding this, please call 0118 977 8560 or email us at to find out more!

 Symon Turner


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