The Power of the Space Console

I don’t just believe in the power of data, ARCHIBUS Users. I believe that if you can control your data and soldier it effectively that anyone can conquer whole worlds. I have always and will always believe that ALL data is interconnected and simply waiting for a brave system to tame it into order.



So, the question is clearly how can ARCHIBUS help us navigate the sea of data?


First by utilising data we already have, CAD plans of your estate. Archibus and Auto Cad together allow every estate manager to link their estate data directly into ARCHIBUS.


This not only means they can quickly and effectively report on how their space is organised, it also means they can quickly and easily plug in user data. Allowing you to control and analysing room occupancy (and under occupancy).



You see in order to conquer the sea of data that we too often flounder it, we need to create links, and this is exactly what the space console does. Firstly, between your CAD plans and then the rentable or usable space available, then how you use this space and even what assets sit in that space and plan the future based on real-life data usage.



Some of you may say, I know my space and I will concede that not everyone needs to understand how their space is utilised. However, if you rent out your space, or need to fairly allocate it, or have to fill out official forms or plan your company’s future, then the space console is for you. Indeed as we move into a BIM level 4 world the space console is ready, already supporting 3D modelling of your building and the systems which lie within it. This again, which links perfectly with your preventative maintenance processes and allowing you to analyse the cost each building represent and even whether the cost of the maintenance equates the occupancy of the building. AKA return on investment.



MASS do in fact, offer training on the Space Console. Our Technical Support Engineer, Callum Doyle is the one who delivers these courses. If you are interested in this, then please do get in touch so we can discuss dates, customisation and prices. To reach out to us regarding this, please call 0118 977 8560 or email us at: to find out more!

Symon Turner


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