A Brave New World

A Brave New World:


This may sound pretty odd for a MASS employee, but I had never worked in Facilities Management (FM) before I walked through the door on my first day here, recently employed in Applications Support (you can read about more about my job role in the latest edition of MASS Media here). I certainly wasn’t well acquainted with ARCHIBUS. So, this is my story.


At heart I am a processes man, I believe that all systems-and I mean all systems!- must work logically to function, and I was sure all I would need to crack ARCHIBUS was the same remorseless logic I have always applied.


But I soon entered the strange and foreign forest of FM terms and Americanisms, in which the great and powerful ARCHIBUS slumbers. What on earth is BOMS; what should a supervisor see as opposed to the maintenance manager; and what on earth do craftspeople have to do with the price of fish?!


Taking on the challenge more than willingly, I quickly got on with following through a few client enquiries- about reporting and then preventative maintenance. Sharing my colleagues’ in-depth knowledge of both FM and ARCHIBUS and the quite useful help files, I was soon making strides! I cracked the help desk, I was able to create a preventative maintenance workflow and even determine if the due date flowed from the Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) or the Service Level Agreement (SLA).



I slowly learned the logic of ARCHIBUS and the systems which lay behind it. I understood how it wants/needs the users to interact with it. You see, dear readers, I have always understood that when a user wants to use a system, they must become part of that system. And as my mother always says, a fish can only swim against the stream for so long, until the stream wins.



Of course, there is still much to learn, indeed I probably have a crash course ahead in the awkward reality that you users are living, rather than the sterile world of logic in which I’m currently Iiving. I’m more than aware that exploring the real world of FM is a bigger challenge than simply learning a system, and that real-world experience is where MASS is, and where MASS must be. So, in short, I am asking for forgiveness for the times when I will side with the system (isn’t that inevitable?), but also offering you an ally. An ally against inbuilt assumption; an ally who had to learn ARCHIBUS from square one; an ally who believes that the system must be logical and report easily; an ally who ‘gets it’ from your point of view too.



In my new role, you should all be hearing a lot from me, and - as I’ll be attending on-site visits - seeing you in person frequently too. I really look forward to the opportunities ahead, and to bringing my own unique outlook to benefit you.


If you are lucky enough to be a client of ours, you can hope to get an answer from me on our Support Line at some stage on 0118 977 8561 or give us a call on our MASS line if you have any other queries - 0118 977 8560 alternatively email us at news@mass-plc.com


If there are any other topics you would like us to cover in our blogs please let us know.

Symon Turner


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