Your Staff Make It Work: The Real Value of Training

A lot of my time with clients involves running formal training courses and workshops. Recently this has included courses aimed at mobile workers who deal with both Reactive and Preventive Maintenance, and then the following week presenting workshops that ran through the processes of updating AutoCAD floor plans to be linked with the FM system. Usually, the impetus for these courses is a recent system upgrade, where clients either realise they are struggling without some more assistance or where we have recommended to them the benefits of better, more comprehensive training.

This does often make me wonder if we, the provider of the system, stress training enough? Do the management team at client sites see enough value in training their staff? It’s been repeated time and time again that when organisations are stressed either financially or by being under-resourced, that ‘training is always the first thing to go’, but it never gets any less true!

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There are plenty of barriers to training but the most common ones are clients taking a short-term view, postponing

the training, dropping it down the priority list, being commitment shy about filling up their busy diaries, management making what they might see as ‘cost savings’ on training. But if your staff fail to adapt to the changing times and can’t get the best out of the software, then there’s an inevitable result no one likes: their lack of skills and knowledge will cost your organisation a lot of money. 


When you’re involved with a CAFM or IWMS system, the skills gap could really hurt. After all, if your staff have problems analysing the reactive and on demands maintenance requests, then they’ll miss important pointers to where your organisation’s time and money are being spent within the infrastructure. For instance, have all your PPM’s been completed correctly? Are you calling out contractors to fix heating and ventilation issues more often than is desirable in particular buildings? Often the data is right there in the system; it’s just understanding how it’s structured and then knowing how to get it out in a format that’s readily understood by colleagues.


Remember, training is not just for when the system is changing or being updated but should be considered a regular event.  Use it to ensure that your users are getting the best value out of your CAFM system. A strong and regular training regime will automatically catch the new starters in your FM teams and ensure a good level of institutional knowledge built up around the system and the associated business processes. This frees up your organisation to save money elsewhere in the facilities environment.


Training should not just be about what buttons to press, but also be targeted at your key users and stakeholders, empowering them with the full vision of what’s possible, and how the system might go further and be developed within the organisation. So….it’s really about progress.


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