Making a Plan for Internal Change

When implementing an upgrade to your CAFM system, you can’t leave anything to chance.



In some situations where the FM system might have only been used by a handful of users and only for very specific tasks, we have many times seen a lack of planning by organisations. It is not usually deliberate but is always to the detriment of the business. In these days of integrated solutions, mobile applications and applications in the cloud, we all need to have that most important of things: a PROJECT PLAN!


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The plan should document how you are going to deal with the technicalities and logistics of the upgrade to your system. Don’t focus only on getting the application installed in your environment- that’s a conversation between your IT people and your supplier. You need to dig deeper and consider how the changes will affect how your teams work, and how the data and information might have to be structured differently, thus changing the end result.


Sometimes quite small changes to an application can mean really big changes to the processes and data that your team have to use, record and work with. If you’re the system owner it’s going to be down to you to manage this change. It’s your task to guide your key users and stakeholders through the new features.


If you don’t manage this change effectively and proactively, you will end up with a disgruntled FM team, a team that could end up being put off using the system, or at the very least failing to take full advantage of useful new features or brand new modules. We suggest putting together a project plan that focuses on the following six areas. This will help ensure that your experience, and that of all your users, is so much simpler.


  • Changes in functionality and process
  • IT system & resources requirements
  • Users’ training requirements
  • System downtime
  • Changes to the system data
  • Effects on connected systems

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These are six of the main points that should always be considered, but of course, you can always contact our helpful team at MASS for more information on how to put together a good project plan. We are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at


If there are any other topics you would like us to cover in our blogs please let us know.

Mark Little 


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