What’s new in 23.2? Compliance Management Part 1


There have been quite a few significant changes delivered by ARCHIBUS 23.2 to bring ARCHIBUS in line with the changing world of business, and compliance management is one of the larger modules to updates. Due to the amount of content we wanted to cover in our blogs, this blog is part one of two, and you can read the second release next week.

In this, part one, I will be discussing how changes in regulation are being tied into the application, and how changes in the application are providing visibility in the execution of compliance decisions. Part two of this blog will be exploring verification of outcomes, through the use of questionnaires, surveys and the use of mobile to verify results in the field. On top of that, I will take a quick look at how the module analyses the survey results.


Regulation and Contract Abstracting



Within the module, there are a structured means of recording the key provisions, and their implications of regulations and contracts, from such common tasks as cleaning or standard HVAC maintenance, to more specialised contracts like fume-hood servicing.


The module allows for the abstraction of data so that it exists in easy-to-understand searchable and actionable terms, for:


  • Contract terms, vendor and responsible staff
  • Scope and locations of assets and the missions they serve
  • Specific regulatory requirements and terms of the contract that must be met
  • Contract cost commitments, including fixed costs and labour rates, per contract, asset and location rate schedules
  • Required outcomes of the regulation or contract, including satisfaction criteria and ongoing levels of compliance
  • ARCHIBUS project that funds the contract


This then results in instant searchable access to the abstracted data within the application for quick resolution of tasks, responsibilities or invoices. There is also access to the original documentation within the module as a means of reference for each point of compliance required.


Tying Regulations and Contract Terms to Responsibilities



Furthermore, the module allows for regulations and clauses to be tied to ARCHIBUS Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) so that work can be monitored and the outcome of work done can be measured against defined service targets. Each regulatory requirement or contract term can be associated with a specific SLA and PM Schedule. The SLAs assign responsibilities, monitor results, escalate failed tasks up to the chain of command, and compare the performance of teams and vendors against benchmark standards and against each other.


Tying Regulations and Clauses to Actions



Finally, using the module you can tie regulation requirements and contract clauses directly to ARCHIBUS preventive maintenance procedures, which generate specific work requests that must be completed to comply with the expected regulations within your business.


I will be exploring more in next week’s blog, continuing on with the changes to compliance management in 23.2.


Callum Doyle

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