Enterprise Asset Management - What’s new in Archibus 23.2 ?

In this latest version of ARCHIBUS, there have been a few changes and enhancements around the Enterprise Asset Management functionality or EAM for short. The main highlights are:

  • 3D Navigator in the Equipment Systems Console
  • 360 Viewer in the Equipment Systems Console
  • Exception Reports in Support of ISO55000
  • Chain of Custody

These new options allow asset managers, maintenance staff and project teams to update, analyse and manage the Asset inventory within the ARCHIBUS database. In the last two or three versions of Archibus we really have gone from a basic asset portal to an enterprise asset manager that lets the principal FM stakeholders manage the lifecycle themselves.  


3D Navigator in the Equipment Systems Console

Asset managers, maintenance staff, project teams and custodians can discern the complex interconnected 3D spatial relationships of multiple building systems and assets by viewing and querying assets in a BIM model using the 3D Navigator. Embedding the 3D Navigator into the equipment systems consoles extends relationship tracing, rooms-served highlights, and graphical dependency queries to a 3D building and asset system model.



Interactive features trace dependencies within systems by simultaneously using the graphical elements and the logical connections in the equipment system hierarchy.



360 Viewer in the Equipment Systems Console

A navigable 360 image changes everything! The 360 Viewer within the Equipment Systems Console enables you to do a 360-degree survey of the space surrounding the asset to visually inspect the local environment. This view can facilitate the planning and execution of maintenance and project work by presenting elements of the local environment that are not represented in the 2D and 3D graphical models but can be easily captured in a 360 image; elements such as clearances, access ladders and hatches, piping and surrounding equipment. This virtual walkthrough saves supervisors from so many site visits, and can also be used to instruct craftspersons before they leave the maintenance office.



Exception Reports in Support of ISO55000

V.23.2 builds on the strong portfolio of features that support the ISO55000 asset management lifecycle process.



The ISO55000 Standards for Asset Management identifies more than two dozen asset management system and leadership commitment elements throughout the EAM lifecycle processes. Yet data-driven decisions are only as good as the data that drive them, and success of these ISO55000 elements are directly predicated upon the quality of the asset information. The new EAM Exception Reports console provides asset managers and custodians a wealth of interactive searches, filters and statistics to find property, building, equipment or furniture assets that are missing or have incorrect key data elements to support ISO55000. Once found, you can correct any data issues directly within the console.



Chain of Custody

A continuous chain of custody on assets is used for regulation compliance (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley) and is part of best practice approaches to asset management, such as ISO55000.



The chain of custody can:

  • Mitigate losses and optimise value by assigning specific asset management accountability.
  • Mitigate legal and financial risks from being non-compliant by validating both processes and data.  Support organisational transparency and accountability objectives by providing a collective registry of asset custodians and their duties.
  • Optimise value by ensuring explicitly assigned asset management duties and by minimising effort to locate the party responsible for an asset.
  • Ensure that all assets are accounted for and that the accounting books have no "ghost" assets- that is, assets that have been lost, stolen, donated or disposed but are still “on the books”.


For these reasons, V23.2 has added Chain of Custody tracking to Enterprise Asset Management. The application can track this chain of ownership throughout the lifecycle of the asset, from specification to disposal. The application assigns an asset manager custodian for the essential inventory information on which asset and financial processes depend. However, for assets that require other oversight, the application can also assign other custodians as specialists who have responsibility for IT, operations, hazardous material, certifications, or operating certificates.



At MASS we can see the new changes in 23.2 will have huge value for the organisations we work with in terms of on-the-ground management of their asset inventory. The changes build upon previous updates and really take us towards the complete enterprise asset management system that has been needed. We are excited to see it in action on our site visits!



Mark Little

Please call MASS today on: 0118 977 8560 or email us at: news@mass-plc.com to find out more!


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