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"ARCHIBUS NEXUS is the focal point of our efforts to provide training, shared user experience, and benchmarking for ARCHIBUS clients and service providers from around the globe. Throughout the year, members of the ARCHIBUS community participate in local user groups, international Special Interest Groups (SIGs), regional meetings, and targeted training courses to develop professionally.


NEXUS provides an opportunity to bring local knowledge to an international stage and learn from the community experience as a whole. We hope you enjoy NEXUS and are able to take advantage of the opportunities to Connect, Learn, and Share."




As ever Archibus provided food for thought...


I travelled to Boston early April to attend this years ARCHIBUS User Conference NEXUS.


The first time the dates coincided with the Easter Holidays so my wife Helen was able to travel

with me.



So, what’s is NEXUS...


It’s a noun plural. NEXUS - a means of connection between members of a group or things in a series; link; bond. a connected group or series.




From this meaning as you can see we had large, small, sensible and not so sensible gatherings or collisions as the first key note speaker Grant Freeland from the Boston Consulting Group’s called them.



The Opening Conference Reception










The EMEA team bonding sessions














The Main Event



One 2 One

A face to face with the other lady in my life (work life, that is) Elizabeth Reynolds. Elizabeth is an ARCHIBUS Technical Guru and a life saver during some hard installation nights.










 ARCHIBUS in full bloom                                                                                                                        End of NEXUS Collision










Even Live Music...



The event consists several events within, connections. Training, Business Partners and Users Presentations and awards events.


Richard Kimber from University of the West of England  receiving his award...









Some interesting sights can be found in Boston…


The Latest US Navy ships were in town.




















Skyline views                                                             The Head Explained 













Around the town History...


Central Harvard Campus                                      Samual Adams one of the original Patriots





































John Harvard Founder of Harvard University       The 23 carat State House

The EMEA team dinners was held in the original Cheers Bar. (Picture to the right)


Now down to the main event...


There were several presentations to inspire us all with wonderful things to take away.



I really enjoyed the key note speakers this year more than any other year. All five had very inspiring stories to tell but to keep this as short I have chosen two which inspired me the most.


The second key note speaker was my Jenny Durbin as I will call a hidden treasure under the desk which reminded me of my early day at Mass and one of my first installation upgrades. Where I found Archibus running on a PC under Keith Hooper and the University of the Creative Arts If you watch the video in the attached link you will understand my comment. (


Jenny Durbin’s presentation on how Illumina transformed their office with a task-oriented space strategy dubbed Work Anywhere, everybody in the room wanted to work for the visionary biotech company or at least visit their office. The Illumina space plan is a model for everything that a working environment can and should be, and we expect that many will follow in its footsteps.


The closing Key Note Speaker IFMA Fellow Tom Mitchell knows Facilities Management like the back of his hand, and he got personal with the audience to make the case for why it’s critical that our community impart its experience to the next generation. To sustain and grow new leaders to take up the FM Dreams.



Which was also emphasized in the presentation by Julie Newman presents how MIT is becoming a living lab for sustainability


The final slide shows the process around the importance of data in all what we do and how it is a continuing life cycle.





Martin Matt

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