What’s New for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in 23.2

Version 23.2 adds a series of key features to enterprise asset management. These exciting new features leverage the power of BIM and 3D visualisation. They fully support the broad adoption of ISO55000 and governance policies, which makes for big improvements in strategic and tactical end-to-end management of assets. Let’s take a closer look at what 23.2 offers.


3D Navigator in the Equipment Systems Console


Interactive features trace dependencies within systems by simultaneously using the graphical elements and the logical connections in the equipment system hierarchy. Below is a real-life example.



23.2 also introduces a series of new consoles that manage each phase of an asset's lifecycle. The Equipment Systems Console can be accessed directly via the Process Navigator or through tabs embedded in each of the EAM consoles, as seen here.



360 Viewer in the Equipment Systems Console

If a simple picture is worth a thousand words, then a navigable 360 image must surely be a treatise! The 360 Viewer within the Equipment Systems Console allows the user to conduct a 360-degree survey of the space surrounding the asset, making it easy for you to visually inspect the local environment. The Viewer presents elements of the local environment that are not represented in the 2D and 3D graphical models but can be easily captured in a 360 image, elements such as clearances, access ladders and hatches, piping and surrounding equipment. It’s an up-close view that facilitates the planning and execution of maintenance and project work. This virtual walkthrough is invaluable in saving supervisors from lengthy and time-consuming site visits, and can also be used to instruct craftsperson’s before they leave the maintenance office. This screenshot shows how the 360 Viewer works in practice.



Chain of Custody


23.2 features a continuous chain of custody on assets, which is used for regulation compliance (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley) and is part of Best Practice approaches to asset management, such as ISO55000. This is illustrated here.



The chain of custody can mitigate losses and optimise value by assigning specific asset management accountability. It is also useful because it validates both process and data, thereby mitigating any legal and financial risks from non-compliance.


The provision of a collective registry of asset custodians and their duties helps to support organisational transparency and accountability objectives. Assets are better accounted for.  Value is optimised by ensuring explicitly assigned asset management duties, and by minimising the effort required to locate the party responsible for an asset.


We’re positive that this new version will bring a whole new face to EAM for our clients. We look forward to your feedback on 23.2 and our team welcomes any in-depth questions you might have about it.


Martin Matt

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