What’s New for Space Planning in 23.2

We asked Callum Doyle in our Support Team to introduce a few of the most important features in the new version.


He explained that there have been changes to the Space console which should prove really practical for clients and enhance their day-to-day experience of using the console. The Space console now has the option to utilise the 3D space navigator as well as the standard space console. The below screenshot shows how this looks in practice. As you can see, the 3D aspect adds so much in terms of visualising your space.



The new versions allow for 2D as well as 3D views. With published CAD files, 2D is used to handle the high data intensive tasks that are generally involved in managing your space and all the data that relates to it. With published Revit files, 3D allows you to visualise your rooms and space, and to see more easily how your space, and systems within the space, connect and interact.


Meanwhile, formats are also changing. Published CAD and Revit files are now moving away from flash to html 5. We are sure that most of you will be nodding you heads, recognising this as the necessary step that was required to eliminate security concerns with regards to the flash format, and reassure you that your data is safe.


Finally, within the space console, it is now possible to filter for site alone, and then use published site plans to select the individual buildings you wish to work with. A simple thing that will make a big difference. The below screenshot illustrates how this is done.



Callum, along with the rest of the technical team at MASS, is pleased to share this range of useful new features with you and will happily discuss in more detail should you need more information beyond this brief synopsis of what’s new in the latest version.


Callum Doyle

Please call MASS today on: 0118 977 8560 or email us at: news@mass-plc.com to find out more!


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