CAFM Going Mobile

Over the last couple years at MASS, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of our clients implementing mobile applications in conjunction with their existing FM system.




As mobile technology becomes ever simpler and more readily affordable, this has meant mobile platforms no longer remain the exclusive preserve of large organisations. In one of the most radical recent changes for the industry, it is now possible for medium-sized and even smaller enterprises to dip their feet into the mobile waters, and we are seeing even quite modest-sized FM teams taking full advantage of mobile technology.





From the perspective of the ARCHIBUS CAFM system that we support here at MASS, the main points to consider when looking to move to incorporate mobile devices into your workflow are:


Business Processes

  • Consider the data that will be updated and captured by the mobile application
  • The workflow: how does the mobile device fit into the workflow?

-       For instance: Reactive helpdesk jobs logged by helpdesk > allocated to mobile worker > completed by mobile worker

  • How will the introduction affect current working practices? What will need to be done to manage this?

Technical Implementation

  • Will the devices have to be manage
  • What form factors will the devices take?
  • Will staff require training on the devices and their application?
  • Will the current application licencing support the new deployment?
  • Will the current server network configuration support this new way of working?


These are just a few of the points that you may have to consider when looking at introducing mobile devices into your organisation.


Every organisation will have its own, unique take on this, depending on how large a deployment they are considering, and which aspects of the FM processes they’d like to take mobile.


But what is universal is the positive impact mobile applications are having in the FM sector, and of course, our enthusiasm as MASS to be the helping hand to bring this new technology to all of our clients.


Mark Little

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