ARCHIBUS 23.2: Connecting Operations to Strategy

ARCHIBUS 23.2 has made its long-awaited appearance. And our team here at MASS are as eager as ever to drill down into the benefits. As our long-term users know, with each new edition come the inevitable updates and enhancements. Like all new editions, 23.2 brings exciting new functionality to a number of the existing modules our clients will already be very familiar with in their day-to-day operations.


But more than that, ARCHIBUS 23.2 also provides an insight into something less tangible: the vision ARCHIBUS has for Web Central, which is about connecting the operational data to the strategic functions in the ARCHIBUS Enterprise Information model. This approach enables organisations to make important strategic decisions for utilising the data that flows through the ARCHIBUS CAFM system.


So, how might we explain this in simple Facilities Management (FM) language? In practical terms, there are certain modules- such as the Building Operation and Maintenance (BOMS) console- that enable a Facilities Management team to input operational data (such as on-demand helpdesk requests) or generate Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPMs) within the system. Once an organisation has this data accurately and systematically recorded, it can be analysed, together with asset lifecycle data and the relevant financial information, to generate a broader picture about where your organisation’s valuable time and efforts are being expended. In this way, ARCHIBUS is empowering decision-makers at the higher levels of organisations to weigh data from a variety of different sources, and gift them the confidence to make the type of crucial judgement calls that can bring real and tangible benefits to their business.


 Image from What's New in v23.3 - ARCHIBUS pdf



It is important, too, that ARCHIBUS has always lent itself so well to being scaled up (or down!) This vital scalability enables an organisation to access the data available relating to, for example, one large building or a university campus, and then scale the data to multiple sites across multiple geo-locations. With each increase in scale will come a higher, more useful and comprehensive level of detail.


The new features introduced by ARCHIBUS 23.2 will be vital in enabling FM teams to get a complete view at to where the big decisions need to be made, whether that involves taking a strategic look at their organisation’s space utilisation or running checks on their overall operational running costs.


In brief summary, leveraging your Operations data to enable a more strategic view is one of the important headlining themes of this new version of ARCHIBUS Web Central.


This is a small introduction to a big vision. But of course the new edition is not purely about the strategy; there are also a multitude of more detailed operational improvements, functionality updates and enhancements that the team at MASS will be keen to showcase in forthcoming editions of MASS Media. As with every new edition, we look forward to sharing more of ARCHIBUS’ new features with you, our users, in print and most importantly, in person.


Mark Little

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