The Real Value of CAFM

The past few decades have seen computer aided solutions enter all areas of managing facilities and estates.


It’s a hot market as organisations have a massive proportion of their capital and operating budgets tied up in providing safe, secure appropriate spaces for all occupants of their buildings and estates.


In the UK space is at a premium and the rate of new builds has not been great for far too long. In terms of supply and demand in a free market, it means your space is not only valuable but increasing in value at a significant rate.


The day to day demands of providing space and assets is repetitive and absorbing so there is a need for automated solutions to efficiently manage buildings and other assets. This is the impetus behind the ever increasing number of software solutions hitting this particular market.



Image from Xenagos Knowledge Management



It is important to note though that most new software providers deliver a solution for a very specific and targeted market. This is because it cheaper to produce a limited scope product and it can provide measurable solutions in a very short time.


Typically they offer Space Management, CMMS, Help Desk and other point solutions or as they are sometimes called ‘island solutions’ and most work well in their insular way.


However, as point solutions, they miss out on how integrating the data from various applications reduces errors and increases productivity.


Utilising a single relational database provides a synergy of value as the data can be deployed across several applications and this empowers the data to become information and that information can be used in knowledge management.


Real value is achieved when managing resources whether they be buildings, assets, human resources, supplies, etc. are benefiting from the free flow of information across organisations.


Over the next few blogs I am going to look in detail at how Knowledge Management (KM) in facilities and estates management can provide platforms to improve the value of an open system such as ARCHIBUS by incorporating KM.


Mass have been in the computer aided facilities and estates management field since its inception a few decades back and they have been involved in developing successful and diverse solutions in the UK and Scandinavia.


Since very early in the product life, ARCHIBUS has been developed to be an open system and has grown to include software to help manage almost all areas of FM. It is notable as being among the very few that are capable of supporting KM in an organisation. As such it is in the best position to return optimum value for money and coordinated services to its users.



To start a conversation about how Mass can help you get the best value from computer aided facilities and estates management give us a call on: 0118 977 8560 or drop us an email at:


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