Holistic lifecycle view

Wouldn’t it make life so much easier if you could have all of the information about a building correlated and in one place?


Web Central 3D Navigator™ integrates building models and data for full building and asset lifecycle management from initial design/build to real estate, facility and business operational processes.


The Web Central 3D Navigator™ incorporates building information models and data directly into the larger ARCHIBUS Enterprise Information Model (EIM™) for a holistic lifecycle view of design/build, operations and strategic planning for the entire asset portfolio.


Users can exploit 3D visualisation, analytics and enterprise data for strategic planning and management of capital assets over their lifecycle processes, including:  design/build, commissioning, operations, space utilisation, and capital project planning.


By using the ARCHIBUS Web Central 3D Navigator, professionals from engineering to operations and business can intuitively collaborate on a common operating picture of their organisation’s buildings and properties.



 (Image from Buildipedia.com)



It enables you to provide a common operating picture for design/build, real estate, infrastructure, and facility professionals for full lifecycle management of building assets.


The Web Central 3D Navigator lets you use 3D building models inside your Enterprise Information Model to visualise and connect buildings and building systems data in new ways.


The ARCHIBUS Enterprise Information Model is more comprehensive than ever, including complete real estate, infrastructure and facilities information. EIM makes integration with other enterprise information seamless, easily accessible, and vastly more valuable for making more informed, data-driven decisions.


You can visualise the relationship between building systems and rooms to assess the impact of system failures.


View up-to-the-minute information from BIM and enterprise data within the ARCHIBUS common operating picture.


It is a simple matter to search through the full portfolio of CAD plans and BIM data to optimise space use, capital investments and asset lifecycle. 



In a previous blog we looked at why it really wasn’t too hard to leverage BIM into EIM to gain a multidimensional view of your organisation’s assets.


Their management is made easier with ARCHIBUS 3D Navigator’s high-performance, collaborative, and interactive Web-based control for 3D visualisation, analysis and process integration.


Four obvious benefits from using the 3D Navigator, include:

  • Bidirectional access to BIM data that can be integrated directly into lifecycle workflows
  • Instant demand loading of components to automatically see the relevant sections of each of your building models from your portfolio with access in seconds to the BIM and enterprise data you need, even if retrieved from a portfolio database with thousands of building models
  • Integration of 3D graphics with CAD, GIS, and mobile workflows
  • Seamless access to building models and data from within ARCHIBUS workflows

Knowing what and where your assets are – and evaluating related lifecycle workflows – becomes much easier when you can rely on a comprehensive building model accessible through the 3D Navigator.


You can access any data in ARCHIBUS that gives real-time insight into facility use and use the 3D Navigator not just for information but also for actions on elements such as spaces and equipment.


It is a short step to then integrate 3D into enterprise workflows such as reservations, hoteling, space, and move requests.


It’s not difficult to see how it can empower facilities staff with easy access to building information for maintenance, condition assessment, project management, compliance and emergency preparedness.


There is the facility to search on logical criteria such as vacancies, department ownership, space type or equipment ID.


The Web Central 3D Navigator™ puts rich commissioning, space management, and building operations management information in the hands of real estate and facility managers for complete lifecycle management of building assets.


To find out more or to arrange a demonstration, please contact our consultants at Mass by phone on: 0118 977 8560 or by email at: news@mass-plc.com.



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