Santa’s got the bigger picture

All year we look at our assets and how to manage them in the most efficient and effective way.


Once a year, Santa has to manage the expectations of the whole world.


Now this is where the ARCHIBUS EIM solution delivers:

  • Santa imports the ‘naughty list’ into the single database
  • Now the ‘Santa letters’ are input by the elves
  • Exceptions are included
  • Geospatial Extensions for Esri®  provide geospatial data for informed decisions
  • ARCHIBUS Enterprise Information Management provides a seamless link to ERP for the elves
  • Santa has aMASSed this information and is ready to go!

Obviously along the way the elves will be using ARCHIBUS Mobile Technology to update status and any anomalies as the presents are being delivered.




Increasingly, more leading organisations recognise Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) as an essential information tool to address extended markets, aging infrastructure, shifting demographics, and compressed cycle times. 


The knowledge gained from GIS allows organisations to make better decisions, saving time and resources.


You can now use powerful geospatial capabilities to view and understand your existing real estate, facility and infrastructure information through the ARCHIBUS Geospatial Extensions for Esri®


This integration will provide you with an even more powerful multi-layered perspective on critical geospatial data to help achieve organisational initiatives.


Unlock the spatial component of valuable business data and see your enterprise from a new perspective.  View a common operating picture of sites, space, infrastructure, physical assets to increase organisational collaboration and make well-informed decisions concerning campus- scale space planning & real estate portfolio management.


An automated workflow keeps your CAD and BIM information in perfect sync with your Esri GIS information. 



The process uses the relationships within the ARCHIBUS data-dictionary to geo-reference all assets—sites, parcels and buildings down to rooms, equipment, furniture, network device locations, even cables.


ARCHIBUS can locate assets such as buildings and structures based on address, but also accurately georeference all items in a building from the geo-position of the building itself. 


The ARCHIBUS work-flow automatically creates the GIS schema you need—whether working on-premises using Esri ArcGIS Server or in the cloud using Esri ArcGIS Online.  


Integrating CAD, BIM and GIS has never before been this easy.



It means you can work within ARCHIBUS Web Central or within your familiar Esri tools, such as ArcMap and ArcGlobe, these can be deployed either on-premises using Esri ArcGIS Server, or in the cloud using Esri ArcGIS Online.


This level of integration improves collaboration, decision making, and insight by providing a common-operating picture that   seamlessly spans the inside-building and outside-building perspectives of your sites, space, infrastructure, and physical assets.

The ARCHIBUS Geospatial Extensions let you use the powerful family of Esri solutions to address issues that cross the artificial boundary between “inside” and “outside” the building. The extensions provide “real world” context and enable quicker decision-making based on rich, multi-dimensional sources of information




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