Could ARCHIBUS help with Brexit?

You may recall that last week David Davis, the ‘Brexit Minister’ admitted not having conducted 58 important risk or impact analyses on Britain leaving the European Union. Many are not surprised as even today some managers actually deliver space management with a similar approach.


Namely, ask everyone what they want decide what you want to give them and negotiate – or in any other words … play poker!

ARCHIBUS was founded on the ability to link its database to the drawings of the same space and assets. This delivered the opportunity to test scenarios, conduct impact analyses and actually see the results without disrupting anybody in the location being managed.


Since then the development team have created a solution that manages space, time, assets and money in a way that you can use as much in ARCHIBUS as you want and freely integrate with other in-house systems as you prefer – or organisational policy dictates.


There is no question that space is a very expensive commodity for any organisation and that correctly optimising the resource will reduce costs, thus releasing more funds for core activities.



The benefits of a strategic planned solution are obvious yet many facilities and estate managers shy away from an automated solution.


An automated solution:


  • Delivers confidence and transparency in decision-making with defensible information
  • Increases agility by aligning the workplace with the organisational strategy through Enterprise Information Modelling (EIM)
  • Improves operational efficiency with ubiquitous access to data, tasks, and processes
  • Enables world-class services through self-service portals and hybrid mobile platforms, enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Ensures business continuity by implementing governance, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance processes and policies through role-based workflows and reporting



The typical retort is that there isn’t the time to gather the data necessary to set up the database and drawings. This really isn’t valid as the technology and cost of buying in staff to create the database before validating it and handing it over, has dropped in real terms.


By taking the setup offline, so to speak, your team is not drawn away from their Business As Usual, and are quickly delivered a working solution in a phased way that best suits organisational needs.


There is a cost for this implementation method but the savings of the automated solution are quickly repaid in terms of smoney, accuracy and ability to create even more productive solutions.


I’m not a gambler but I would bet there are so many managers that know there’s a better way but “don’t have the time” to develop it: Well with ARCHIBUS you can!




With ARCHIBUS you can mitigate risk to ensure continuity and maintain a safe, productive working environment by implementing a structured process to comply with codes, regulations, or best practices. (…could this help Brexit?)


You can manage environmental sustainability efforts, from reducing carbon footprint (GHGs) and energy consumption to identifying and remediating environmental risks.


You can maintain objective, defensible data that satisfies internal or external reporting requirements.


You can perform condition assessments to proactively identify problems and justify funding.


You can contact Mass who have been delivering successful ARCHIBUS solutions across the UK and Scandinavia for over twenty years and find out just how much you realistically can save by calling: 0118 977 8560 or emailing at:



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