Flexible and truly scalable…

ARCHIBUS Web Central has been continuously developed over the past couple of years to the point that it offers a truly flexible, scalable solution for managing all aspects of Estates and FM.


They have further developed the software so that ARCHIBUS Enterprise is the proven, comprehensive, solution ideal for organisations managing anywhere from thousands to millions of square metres of space.


It’s not just more of the same but bigger, since Enterprise lets you choose only those applications you need and it supports an unlimited number of concurrent users and sites. It is sized for an unlimited number of unique records and supports native Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase.


It really is a modular, fully-scalable solution that's ready to go, ‘right out of the box’. Its open system architecture offers complete connectivity to other enterprise applications, such as Finance and Human Resources systems, and it is flexible enough to support your organisation's specific working methods.


The Enterprise edition is a cost-effective way to encourage all members of your organisation to work in tandem, with most organisations realising a positive return-on-investment within six months.





The modular structure lets you choose which applications to include in your configuration; select as many or as few as you need, and expand as necessary.


























In terms of completeness - the list of integrated applications for Enterprise available today, include:

Real Estate Portfolio Management
Advanced Portfolio Forecasting
Portfolio Management
Lease Administration
Cost Administration
Cost Chargeback & Invoicing
Real Property & Lease Management for Windows


Capital Project Management 
Capital Budgeting 
Project Management
Condition Assessment


Space Planning & Management
Strategic Space Planning
Space Inventory & Performance 
Personnel & Occupancy
Space Chargeback
Strategic Master Planning for Windows 
Space Management for Windows


Move Management
Enterprise Move Management



Asset Management
Enterprise Asset Management
Asset Management
Asset Portal
Furniture & Equipment Management for Windows
Telecommunications & Cable Management for Windows



Environmental & Risk Management
Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Sustainability Assessment
Energy Management
Green Building
Waste Management
Compliance Management
Clean Building
Environmental Health & Safety
Hazardous Materials



Building Operations Management
On Demand Work
Preventive Maintenance
Condition Assessment*
Building Operations Management for Windows
Call Centre Wizard for Windows



Workplace Services
Service Desk
Fleet Management


This impressive array of intercommunicating applications is supported by add industry extensions and frameworks that are best of class. These are so tightly integrated with ARCHIBUS, it produces secure, flexible access to a central database from within software that others find best for the specialised requirements.


Currently it can be integrated with:

-    Smart Client Extension for Revit
-    ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework
-    ARCHIBUS Performance Metrics Framework™
-    ARCHIBUS Reservations Extension for Microsoft® Exchange
-    Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD® & Revit® 
-    Geospatial Extensions for ESRI



And then you can easily integrate Enterprise to control processes and costs:

  • The Open system architecture enables seamless data exchange with other information repositories and ERP systems such as SAP® , Oracle® , and Microsoft Dynamics NAV®
  • Incorporates industry standard protocols to connect applications and systems using Web services, http, https, direct-database links, or Microsoft Excel® , Adobe®  PDF, or XML transfers
  • Centralised information repository supports strategic decision-making, enabling significant cost savings and cost avoidance
  • Integrated solution lets associates leverage information developed by one another, saving a significant amount of time and effort

It truly is flexible, scalable and easily integrated into your organisation.

Please contact Mass by phone at: 0118 977 8560 or email us at: news@mass-plc.com to find out exactly how much you could save by taking the Enterprise route.


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