Windows Client/Server Integration

In Version 23, the ARCHIBUS Windows Client/Server product is now bundled with the ARCHIBUS Smart Client, the ARCHIBUS Smart Client Extensions for AutoCAD and Revit, and the CAD/BIM Overlay application. This bundling gives Windows Client/Server deployments access to newer technologies and additional features.


This article also outlines the new features and setup alternatives for Windows Client/Server deployments and overviews salient features of the Smart Client and the Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD to help those clients that are familiar with the Windows Client/Server data environment and Overlay find the features they rely on to be productive.


As mentioned, ARCHIBUS V.23 Windows Client/Server is now bundled with the Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD, giving sites the ability to work with AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture versions 2013 through 2017.



The Extension connects the AutoCAD environment directly to your Windows Client/Server database, allowing database queries and updates from within AutoCAD.


The Smart Client Extension is fully-featured and works on all ARCHIBUS asset data types, and has equivalent functionality to substantially all of the features available in the Windows Client/Server Overlay.


This bundle gives V.23 Windows Client/Server access to all of the flexible highlighting, query text, data analysis, and ad hoc reporting built into the Smart Client and the Smart Client Extension and the Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Chinese … and ARCHIBUS continues to support the Windows Client/Server Overlay for AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture versions 2013 to 2016.


V.23 Windows Client/Server also adds support for Windows 10 for the ARCHIBUS data environment and DWG Viewer operating in Windows 10 compatibility mode. Sites can use the Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD with any AutoCAD version that Autodesk has approved for use with Windows 10 (currently V.2016 R1 and V.2017).  Windows 7 continues to be supported for the ARCHIBUS data environment and for AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture versions 2013 to 2016.




The Extension for AutoCAD takes advantage of the modern .Net characteristics of new versions of AutoCAD to deliver easier personalisation. Tasks such as Populate, which Windows Client/Server requires AutoLISP to tailor, can now be configured by adding items to the ARCHIBUS Process Navigator, a task that only requires adding a record in the Smart Client grid.


For those sites with legacy processes, AutoLISP is still available, and with minor differences, the entire Windows Client/Server AutoLISP API is provided for continued support of legacy highlighting, query text, trial, stacking and other AutoLISP actions.

The Smart Client Extension has optional, built-in functions for managing drawing versions and revisions and for keeping drawing changes synced between all members of your CAD team.




The Smart Client Extension includes other advances, such as the Reconcile form, with which you can find and compare "widowed" records and asset and reconcile the database to your drawing all in one view.




Over the years, many customer sites have taken the COTS AutoLISP provided with the ARCHIBUS modules and configured these routines into their own workflows. The Smart Client Extension provides the equivalent AutoLISP. Sites that uses these routines COTS can place them on their AutoCAD menus or ARCHIBUS Process Navigator menus. Sites that have personalised these routines can use the examples that ship with the Smart Client Extension to illustrate how to call the equivalent API entries in the Smart Client Extension.


You can use the off-the-shelf commands of the Smart Client Extension to follow the complete asset workflow. However, should you wish to extend the environment, the Extension has a full-feature API granting access to a broad set of capabilities.


ARCHIBUS continues to offer the greatest flexibility to integrate the latest technologies that help you move closer to Enterprise Integration Management and the highest savings in operational management.


To discuss how Mass can help you achieve those kinds of savings give us a call on 0118 977 8560 or drop us a note on and one of our specialists will get straight back to you.


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