BIM to EIM … as easy as changing one letter!

Over the past few blogs we’ve looked at how the valuable data collected during creating a Building Information Model (BIM) could be used to save time and money during the operational phase of the building lifecycle.

The latest version of ARCHIBUS has further developed the previous offerings of taking COBie input and now provides a robust platform to truly exploit the BIM data. 


The ARCHIBUS software provides unique intelligence on your real estate, infrastructure and facilities through Enterprise Information Modeling (EIM). Whether processing an individual request or accepting data on an entire portfolio, ARCHIBUS correlates all information it receives within a structured model of your enterprise.


This structure organises all people, processes, places, assets and costs and expresses their value to the overall business mission.  






With this enterprise information model, the software can provide a common operating picture that shows both operational and strategic stakeholders the results of their actions and the impact of their choices.







ARCHIBUS also leverages EIM to provide high-efficiency collaboration. Within the EIM structure, data created for one application does its work over and over again in all the others. You never have to reenter data or replicate it as you would when integrating point solutions. And you don't have to email, chat or message tasks and transactions -- they are already delivered to the relevant stakeholder's queue.


Perhaps most importantly, ARCHIBUS provides insight and actionable intelligence that the other members of your ERP suite cannot do alone. It can do so because the enterprise information model records not just costs and assets but also their locations and the lines of business they support. By knowing these relationships, ARCHIBUS can provide intelligence on the true value each spend leverages for your business as a whole -- that is, not just what resources are being used, but why.


Modern business is complex, and its use of physical infrastructure is increasingly subtle. ARCHIBUS is a necessary tool for real estate, infrastructure or facility manager who needs plan and pitch budgets for new courses of action – or who needs to defend the budgets that they already have, budgets that are under constant stress as organisations strive to become more and more efficient.





The latest V.23 release significantly enhances the enterprise information model. The model is more rigorous than ever, with complete real estate, infrastructure and facilities information automatically categorised along 10,000 data points.


The sample data set has been greatly enhanced and now ships with over 700,000 records of information in order to demonstrate the breadth of the product and its ability to find meaningful business intelligence within large amounts of data.


This can include documents, BIM models, CAD drawings, scanned drawings as well as information from spreadsheets and the Internet of Things.


A new 3D Navigator in Web Central lets you use 3D BIM models to visualise and connect your buildings and building systems data in new ways.




The new version of web central also uses the EIM environment to integrate applications and share intelligence in new ways.

The new Strategic Financial Analysis application adds a total cost model that unifies all capital and all expense costs from all applications within the ARCHIBUS suite.


The application also adds analysis metrics, which act like a data cube reporting on the full range of real estate and facility data – costs, projects, vacancies, condition indices, properties, buildings and more.


The Strategic Financial Analysis and Enterprise Asset Management consoles integrate these metrics directly into their interfaces.  



Operational integration has not been neglected either.


For instance, Work Requests created from Reservations now leverage Service Level Agreements to better control their     hand-off and management with ARCHIBUS On Demand Work and the Ops Console.


Strategic Master Planning can now take the move events you create by dragging and dropping groups onto the stack plan and automatically convert your approved scenario into detailed move orders used by the Enterprise Move Management application.



Several customers have now taken steps to closely integrate their estate and facilities management within their organisations. To discuss how Mass can help you achieve even more savings using ARCHIBUS please call us at 0118 977 8560 or email us at and one of our consultants will get straight back to you.



Enterprise Asset Management - What’s new in Archibus 23.2 ? 13/06/2018

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