Improve satisfaction and lower stress

Do more for less, with repeatable results and quality assured.


By managing Service Level Agreements (SLA’S) you will have detailed records to use to re-negotiate better value for money at the same time increasing productivity and improving quality.


It’s not too good to be true - but the least you should expect by implementing an On Demand helpdesk to deal with faults, modifications and other non-scheduled work.


The ability to work on a single database that is easily integrated with other organisational systems means that it:

• Simplifies the request, dispatch, and feedback processes of maintenance tasks to improve service provision

• Reduces operating costs through automated workflows and streamlined communication

• Provides a seamless link to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to enforce standards and increase efficiency

• Enables improved forecasting of maintenance and capital budgets







The Planning Board™ function allows supervisors to visually schedule estimated work to available resources by simply dragging and dropping work tasks onto a craftsperson’s schedule.








Efficiently managing maintenance tasks is vital to keeping your organisation’s infrastructure and facilities running smoothly.  You can stay on track with ARCHIBUS ‘On Demand Work’. It’s a Web-based application that automates all the steps of the on demand maintenance process, from requests, to approvals, to scheduling and work order issuance, to completion and feedback.

On Demand Work’s self-service functionality helps lower operating costs by enforcing process control and keeping information current, accessible, and actionable. It provides an intuitive, self-service environment for work requests, which can be easily extended to your entire organisation.


The use of a centralised repository also enables improved forecasting and budgeting to optimise operational effectiveness. As a consequence you will raise customer satisfaction levels by empowering requestors and communicating with them at every step of the process.


Deployment of On Demand Work frees operational managers from daily administrative tasks allowing them to spend more time improving overall service delivery at a lower cost.

Costs can be further reduced by providing standardised maintenance. This will also, discourage ad-hoc processes, and increase overall   transparency of service delivery.


With the application you will be able to identify when a resource is available, the projected response time, and the time to complete the task.


You can approve or reject actions to maintain control over work requests using rules-based workflow and group work requests to work orders by priority, location, or trade enabling the most efficient dispatch and execution of work tasks. All the while the application provides work requestors with automated email feedback at each status change.

On Demand Work cost-effectively manages the flow of work requests and work orders to either internal or external work teams.  The application also reduces the cost of reporting based on efficient data capture and reuse when compared to the inherently resource-intensive efforts required for paper-based processes.


In addition, On Demand Work provides a Planning Board™ function to help supervisors easily and effectively plan work and schedule craftspersons.  This function integrates pre-defined rules such as service windows and vacations/holidays when assigning work tasks. Supervisors can prioritise work effectively, ensuring critical tasks are handled in a timely manner.




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