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Part One – Real Estates Portfolio Management 23.2

Strategic Financial Analysis is a new ARCHIBUS application within the Real Estate Portfolio Management domain that provides a series of Consoles. The application depends upon inventory data that is also available via ARCHIBUS Smart Client. read more

Energy Management Version 23.2

Archibus V.23.2 introduces a Utility Analysis Console to the Energy Management application. This console will provide Energy managers who need to make strategic decisions on energy with the full context to make those energy choices, enabling them to prioritise their remediation budget for retrofits or better meet yearly cost reduction targets. read more

Visiting the FM Show Ireland

“FM Ireland delivered over 1200 attendees, despite Ireland seeing the heaviest snow in 36 years…” read more

Building Operations Management: Part 2

In this updated version 23.2 ARCHIBUS has enhanced the functionality of the compliance module integrating even further with the building operations console and the PPM tools. read more

Building Operations Management: Part 1

We have had the building operations console in use for several years now for ARCHIBUS users. With a centralised and simplified interface, it has enabled easier management of both on-demand and preventive maintenance requests in version 23.2. read more

MASS were in Dublin!

MASS have designed and organised six Roadshows that are happening throughout 2018. They will be located across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. read more

What’s new in 23.2? Compliance Management Part 1 18/07/2018

There have been quite a few significant changes delivered by ARCHIBUS 23.2 to bring ARCHIBUS in line with the changing world of business, and compliance management is one of the larger mo...
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