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Managing Space Data within ARCHIBUS

With Space Management there is in essence two main components to the process. The first is to record the data within the system (fundamentally it’s impossible to manage a set of data that simply doesn’t exist within the system), and the second is (once the data exists in the system) to keep it updated, as the physical space the data represents changes over time. read more

Enterprise Asset Management: 3D Navigator and Asset Registration Console

In this blog I will talk about the Enterprise Asset Management Application. I thought I would share with you two specific aspects in the application: the 3D Navigator in the Equipment Systems Console; and the Asset Registration Console. read more

Topscan and MASS Strategic Partnership

MASS started its partnership with Topscan in September 2015 and so as to strengthen our partnership we have completed a review and taken steps to ensure that we can provide our joint clients with the best possible service, therefore we are keen to shout about it! read more

BIM, FM & Softlandings - UWE's unlikely trio!

The University of the West of England (UWE) embarked on an ambitious project, with a goal to provide an excellent teaching facility for the growing Faculty for Business & Law. Importantly, the timing of this project meant it coincided with the, at the time, new BIM mandate from the UK government. read more

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine - Case Study

At MASS we take pride in our clients, we love to chat with them to discuss their successes and hopes for the future within there organisation using ARCHIBUS. read more

BOMs: The Helpdesk Empowering You

There are very few areas of disagreement I have with ARCHIBUS, but one of them is the name of the Building Operations Console, sometimes called the Building Operation and Maintenance Console (BOMS console for short). read more

A Fresh New ARCHIBUS 16/01/2019

As a new year starts, not only are we setting New Year’s resolutions (as discussed in Eve’s blog last week!), but we are also looking at the work we have set for the upcoming year.
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