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CAFM Going Mobile

Over the last couple years at MASS, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of our clients implementing mobile applications in conjunction with their existing FM system. read more

ARCHIBUS 23.2: Connecting Operations to Strategy

ARCHIBUS 23.2 has made its long-awaited appearance. And our team here at MASS are as eager as ever to drill down into the benefits. read more

Life Management

Maximising the life and sustaining the value of physical assets in your organisation poses challenges to all stakeholders responsible for planning, deploying, using, and managing those assets across the enterprise. read more

Two types of Energy

It’s funny what you remember from school and only the other day I recalled that Potential Energy was when an object was in a position to deliver energy and Kinetic Energy was when energy was in motion. read more


Over the past couple of blogs I have suggested that the next step in facilities and estate management should be the incorporation of Knowledge Management (KM) – ideally across your. read more

KM in FM part 2

In the previous blog I introduced the idea of just how much Value For Money (VFM) knowledge management (KM) can bring to FM. read more

Visiting the FM Show Ireland 25/04/2018

“FM Ireland delivered over 1200 attendees, despite Ireland seeing the heaviest snow in 36 years…”
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