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Santa’s got the bigger picture

All year we look at our assets and how to manage them in the most efficient and effective way. read more

10 Pointers to Space Planning

Carrying on with a favourite topic, Strategic Space Planning, I came across an interesting paper recently, Physical Space and Social Interaction by: Jay L. Brand, Ph.D. read more

Only learners are earners …

That phrase came from Brian Tracy, a motivational speaker in the 1980’s, and is as true today as it ever was. read more

Measuring Reveals the Truth!

The growth of income inequality has long been a hot topic around the globe, but it wasn’t until the “Occupy” movement that the amount of wealth concentrated in the top 1% of society received so much attention. read more


Greens, Roast Potatoes and Carrots? All very important side dishes to a perfect Sunday Roast … but here we’re talking about Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance. read more

BIM=>FM=>KM 14/02/2018

Over the past couple of blogs I have suggested that the next step in facilities and estate management should be the incorporation of Knowledge Management (KM) – ideally across your.
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