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How does Archibus work?

Hello and welcome again to another blog by me, todays will be a relatively short blog, but I wanted to go over how Archibus technically works in a simple and easy to follow way. A while ago I wrote a blog talking about the code languages that are utilised by Archibus to run, but never really went through how this all relates to each other, so this could be considered the long awaited follow up. read more

Why you should consider SaaS Software as a Service for your Archibus provision

Definitions of terms like SaaS, On-Demand, On-Premise can sound complex. And there are different models of SaaS; multi-tenant and single tenant. Here we will clarify what this means, and what solutions can help you. read more

To Infinity and Beyond!

Here we are in 2021, a year on from our first lockdown. The first time I have ever been told by the Prime Minister to stay at home, it’s a long time since anyone told me to stay at home to be fair! From a personal perspective I have grown tired of Zoom, I have had meetings on Zoom, interviewed candidates on Zoom, seen family on Zoom, attended exercise classes on Zoom and I could go on. read more

Reports Central - Archibus Web Central V26.1

In this Blog we give a brief overview of the Reports Central feature in the new version of Web Central 26.1, which is due to be released shortly. This version offers several new features, as well as improvements to existing features. read more

Archibus Workplace V25.4

Archibus Workplace is a self-service tool that enables company employees and guests to perform tasks in a simple and quick way. read more

Trends in the Facilities Management sector

On 17-18th March 2021, MASS attended the World Workplace Europe online conference. read more

Telecom Console - Archibus Web Central V26.1 14/07/2021

In this blog, we give a brief overview of the Telecom Console in version 26.1 of Web Central.
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