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Reservations Calendar Console V25.1

In this weeks blog, we give a brief overview of the new Reservations Calendar Console in Web Central 25.1 read more

Archibus Steering Committee

Over the years we at Mass have been involved in the development of Archibus through our own Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and as members of several Archibus application steering committees. This last year has been no different and with the release of Archibus version25.1 Beta, we will be testing and feedback on the new interface and applications. read more

Updates to CAD in 2020

Though not all of our Clients utilise CAD with their Archibus systems, it is still a very useful tool that works well with it and helps you to define your space data easier and with greater accuracy. Not to mention, of course, that with the CAD plans published into Web Central you gain a html5 format interactive plan you can use in either Space Management or in such views as the BOMS console to correctly identify problematic rooms. read more

Space Console V25.1

In this blog we give a brief overview of the Space Console in Web Central 25.1 and the new features. read more

COVID-19 Update: Back to Work

Following on from COVID-19 effects on business and planning the back to work strategy I have looked back at last years block and thought it would be worth reposting as space occupancy and social distancing can be incorporated into teams to display non-occupiable desks. This uses room categories to identify the desk that is available post-COVID 19 back to work. read more

VR Technology and how its expansion and adaptation will help in an ever-changing world.

Hello again, I’m sure that many who read the Mass blogs are tired of reading about or hearing about COVID-19 and what needs to be done to allow us to either adapt to our new normal or weather the storm well enough to return to life as it was before. read more

Mobile Maintenance app V25.1 16/09/2020

In this weeks blog, we give a brief overview of the new features within the Mobile Maintenance application in Web Central 25.1.
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