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What’s new in V25.1 - Space Module

In today's blog, I intend to briefly cover what's new within the V.25.1 Space Module. Whilst I’m sure system updates are something not everyone needs, they are always worth having as something to which you can refer to when making decisions about your system. read more

Checklists Available in Maintenance Console V25.4

In this week's blog, we give a brief overview of one of the new features in Web Central version 25.4, the Checklists Available in the Maintenance Console. read more


Eighteen months ago, I wrote a blog on commissioning reflecting on how over the years having worked in many industry sectors and one of the biggest and most critical was the oil and gas industry. As you can understand the revenue in this sector is vast however the cost of construction and operating a facility are also large. Installing an oil or gas platform was in several phases onshore and offshore, now in terms of percentage cost offshore is several times more than onshore. read more

Your Guide to Workplace Data Governance

Data is essential to managing your workplace. You don’t want to assign an employee a seat in a restroom. Amid COVID-19, it’s even more critical to collect and analyze data for better space planning and employee safety. read more

What is HTML5, and why use it?

A long while ago I wrote about the death of Adobe flash within the internet, and how browsers are moving away from enabling it. In that blog, I explained how this meant that Archibus, with its flash drawings, were going to move away from it as well. The piece of advice ultimately is that we need to upgrade systems so that drawings, when published, were published in an HTML 5 format to be usable in your browser. read more

Field Configuration Equipment V25.4

In this weeks Blog, we give a brief overview of one of the new features in Web Central 25.4, the user-defined fields which now supports the Equipment and Equipment Standards tables. read more

How does Archibus work? 12/05/2021

Hello and welcome again to another blog by me, todays will be a relatively short blog, but I wanted to go over how Archibus technically works in a simple and easy to follow way. A whil...
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