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Today we are looking at various aspects of personalisation. read more

MASS visited Dublin...again!

Due to the success of 2018’s Dublin Roadshow, we just couldn’t resist making another visit to Dublin. This year, we hosted at the centrally located Temple Bar Hotel, which as the name suggests is right in the hustle and bustle of Temple Bar. read more

Environmental and Risk Management

Today I’ll be discussing some new features in Environmental and Risk Management in ARCHIBUS. Multiple Service Request Capability Aids Inspection Follow-up - In previous releases, it was possible to initiate just one follow-up action per question in a questionnaire. This was limiting in cases where multiple follow-up actions were needed to resolve an issue noted in a questionnaire response. In V.24.1, it is now possible to initiate multiple service requests per questionnaire question. read more

New Chart Options for the Building Operations Reports Console in Web Central V24.1

In this Blog, we cover the new chart options in the Building Operations Reports Console for Web Central version 24.1. Hopefully, this will provide a useful guide to a very useful new feature. read more

Self-service and Outlook Integration

Our blog this week deals with integration between ARCHIBUS’ new self-service interface and Outlook. You can expect to see this interface in the V.24.1 release of ARCHIBUS. read more

Manage Work outside the Building- Web Central V24.1

In this week’s blog, we cover the ability to manage work outside the building for Web Central version 24.1. read more

CAFM and Climate Change 17/07/2019

We live in an ever-changing world with more and more challenges being faced by us as a species, and one of those challenges- one that arguably has the potential outcome of wiping us out a...
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