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Programming languages in Archibus

Archibus is a highly useful piece of software and several of the blogs we have largely underline what you can do with the software out of the box, however, it is rare that a piece of software out of the box will match your business practices perfectly. As such our technical expertise extends to the ability to modifying the software to suit what you require. In this blog, I intend to go over the various programming languages in Archibus that come together to allow the software to do what it does. read more

ARCHIBUS Workplace Services: Reservations Part 2

As promised in last week’s blog, this week we will continue with the topic of Reservations. read more

ARCHIBUS Workplace Services: Reservations Part 1

In today’s blog, I shall be introducing the subject of reservations and how you can lean on the ARCHIBUS solution to assist. This week I shall start by tackling reservation timeline. read more

Team Spaces - Overview

Alternative Workplace Strategies (AWS) -- also known as "team space"-- is becoming standard practice among space planners and managers. As more employers establish flexible working arrangements, many do away with the model of managing individual employees to specific seats. Instead, space planners set up “team areas,” and assign a set of employees belonging to a specific team to a team area. With team space, zones of space are assigned to teams of people, and only a few staff members, such as executives, have assigned seats. read more

Web Central 24.1 Self-Service Workplace

In this Blog we cover the new self-service ARCHIBUS Workplace interface. This is a Web application that makes it easy for anyone to request maintenance and services, reserve spaces and find everything they need. With a seamless experience across phones, tablets, desktops and kiosks, ARCHIBUS Workplace connects users to their workstations, conference rooms, and equipment through an easy online system, complete with interactive floor plans and QR codes. With Workplace, users can also view the requests they have made. read more

The Death of Adobe Flash

In the IT industry there is a concept - Moore’s Law- that’s been around for a while. It denotes that every two years transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles, meaning circuitry roughly becomes twice as fast, half the cost or half the size every two years. While this may not be exactly correct, it is a reasonable shorthand way to make the point that technology- and therefore software- is always moving forward and improving, and at quite a pace. Especially against security breaches. read more

Budgeting for Maintenance using Archibus Reports 15/01/2020

Although budget cycles vary, many organisations are involved with setting budgets now in time for the new Tax Year in April.
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