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Web Central 24.1 Hoteling

In this Blog, we cover the Web Central Hoteling module. This is a Web application for managing workers workspaces. When workers -- whether they are on a temporary contract, typically telecommute, or are employees temporarily displaced from their offices and require a hot desk-- arrive at the site, their first immediate action is to go to their assigned workspace so that they can settle into the day's work. read more

SFG20 & Planned Maintenance

The definitive standard for planned and preventative maintenance, SFG20 is unique in the industry. read more

Web Central 24.1 Reservations

In this Blog we cover the Web Central Reservations module. This is a Web application for managing enterprise room and resource reservations. With this application, you can manage several variables to ensure optimal use of space and resources, as well as a smooth transition from one meeting to the next. read more

Programming languages in Archibus

Archibus is a highly useful piece of software and several of the blogs we have largely underline what you can do with the software out of the box, however, it is rare that a piece of software out of the box will match your business practices perfectly. As such our technical expertise extends to the ability to modifying the software to suit what you require. In this blog, I intend to go over the various programming languages in Archibus that come together to allow the software to do what it does. read more

ARCHIBUS Workplace Services: Reservations Part 2

As promised in last week’s blog, this week we will continue with the topic of Reservations. read more

ARCHIBUS Workplace Services: Reservations Part 1

In today’s blog, I shall be introducing the subject of reservations and how you can lean on the ARCHIBUS solution to assist. This week I shall start by tackling reservation timeline. read more

Hazardous Materials 19/02/2020

Organisations must safely handle toxic products, verify regulatory compliance and inform first responders where those materials are stored, and what might be encountered during an emergency.
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