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Take a look at our blogs, we post some of our opinions on the latest FM software out there and our latest antics. Keeping you up-to-date on all the latest I.T software gossip, there are lots to see here updated weekly. 

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Archibus Emergency Preparedness

This week I thought I would raise awareness of an application which perhaps our users are unaware of, or have not yet considered: Archibus Emergency Preparedness. read more

More on Archibus Workplace

This week I’m sharing more about Archibus Workplace. New in Archibus 24.1, Archibus Workplace aims to connect people to their spaces, using a web-based user interface that runs on many different devices: Kiosks, Tablets, Phones & Desktop read more

CAFM and Climate Change

We live in an ever-changing world with more and more challenges being faced by us as a species, and one of those challenges- one that arguably has the potential outcome of wiping us out as a species- is Climate Change. This probably sounds like a very catastrophic opening to a MASS blog but it’s a serious subject and not one that should be ignored. read more

Using Descriptive Fields instead of Codes

This week I’m back taking a good look at when best to use descriptive fields instead of code. read more

Putting the customer first – Meet our new Business Administrator

I’m Siân, and I’m here to introduce myself as the newest addition to the MASS team. Although I do have somewhat of an IT background, both software and Facilities Management are new ground for me, so I’m on a bit of a journey of discovery when it comes to ARCHIBUS and all it has to offer, although a journey I am thoroughly enjoying. read more

Single Sign-on (SSO) and Active Directory (AD)

In this Blog, we cover the advantages of using Single Sign-on and Active Directory for a web application such as Web Central or the Helpdesk Portal. read more

Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) 11/09/2019

Hello there, Today’s topic is CMMS (or CMMIS, with the I standing for Information), which remains as one of Archibus’ key functional areas of business operations. Within this blog we will...
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