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Environmental Health & Safety module V24.1

In this blog, we give a brief overview of the Environmental Health & Safety module in Web Central 24.1. read more

Archibus - Revit

Over the years Archibus has been integrally linked to AutoCAD from the early Archibus DOS-based solutions to Windows Archibus Overlay through to the current Smart Client Extensions. Now with the requirements of BIM Archibus now integrates with BIM data models via Autodesk Revit to leverage the rich data available in Revit. read more

Big Data

In the past, I have written blogs both about security around computer systems and also on the future of integrated computer system on a global scale in the form of IoT (Internet Of Things). I start this blog by mentioning them as I want to go over a subject that is related to both, Big Data. read more

Hazardous Materials

Organisations must safely handle toxic products, verify regulatory compliance and inform first responders where those materials are stored, and what might be encountered during an emergency. read more

Smart Client features V24.1

In this blog, we cover the Smart Client features for version 24.1. read more

New HTML5 Gantt and Calandar controls for Web Central V24.1

In this blog, we cover the new HTML5 Gantt and Calendar controls for Web Central version 24.1. read more

VR Technology and how its expansion and adaptation will help in an ever-changing world. 22/04/2020

Hello again, I’m sure that many who read the Mass blogs are tired of reading about or hearing about COVID-19 and what needs to be done to allow us to either adapt to our new normal or wea...
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