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New Year, What’s New ?!

Happy New Year to you all. Am I still allowed to say that? I’ve said it personally to several people on calls already, sometimes more than once when we’ve forgotten who was in the last call …. what can I say, it was a busy week ok! I did discuss with one client the annual dilemma of what the approach should be. read more

Managing your way through 2021

Suddenly we find ourselves in 2021 with Christmas behind us and time ticking on at its usual faster than the speed of light rate. Mostly, we are in one of 2 camps, either we have been on furlough for months and have become DIY and gardening experts or we have been working at break-neck speed to keep our respective businesses ticking over during the pandemic. One thing I know for sure is that we never want another year where we are required to re-write everything we have learned, know, expect and have taken for granted from our office-based roles! read more

Field Configuration V25.3

In this blog, we give a brief overview of one of the new features in Web Central 25.3 the View Configuration - Enable Existing Fields and Define New Fields. read more

Archibus Compliance application V25.3

Organisations around the world are subject to a vast array of local, regional, national, and international laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to their properties and facilities. Organisations might also have internal programs and policies that they need to manage. Tracking these requirements is a complex task given a large number of requirements, the critical need to complete these requirements on schedule, and the potentially large fines and penalties for noncompliance. read more

Getting Back to Work: 6 Things to Consider When Planning Your Big Return

This week’s blog contains information unashamedly lifted from Archibus who have created a guide based on experience and the thought leadership of accomplished real estate professionals and facility managers, to help you safely and effectively manage the return of your workforce. read more

Maintenance Checklists V25.3

In this blog, we give a brief overview of one of the new features in Web Central 25.3 the Maintenance Checklists. read more

Checklists Available in Maintenance Console V25.4 24/02/2021

In this week's blog, we give a brief overview of one of the new features in Web Central version 25.4, the Checklists Available in the Maintenance Console.
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