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Smart Client features V24.1

In this blog, we cover the Smart Client features for version 24.1. read more

New HTML5 Gantt and Calandar controls for Web Central V24.1

In this blog, we cover the new HTML5 Gantt and Calendar controls for Web Central version 24.1. read more

Budgeting for Maintenance using Archibus Reports

Although budget cycles vary, many organisations are involved with setting budgets now in time for the new Tax Year in April. read more

The last decade, and the new.

Hello, welcome to a new year and, perhaps more importantly, welcome to a new decade. Over the last decade, we have seen the world change, from the massive political changes brought about by Donald Trump becoming president of the United States of America and the results of the Brexit referendum in 2016, to technological advancements being made such as the explosion of availability in electric cars from Tesla, Audi and Porsche to name just three. read more


Over the years I have worked in many industry sectors and one of the biggest and most critical was the oil and gas industry. As you can understand the revenue in this sector is vast however the cost of construction and operating a facility are also large. read more

Web Central 24.1 Hoteling

In this Blog, we cover the Web Central Hoteling module. This is a Web application for managing workers workspaces. When workers -- whether they are on a temporary contract, typically telecommute, or are employees temporarily displaced from their offices and require a hot desk-- arrive at the site, their first immediate action is to go to their assigned workspace so that they can settle into the day's work. read more

The changing the World and us. 25/03/2020

In my last blog I talked about the potential future of technology with IOT and how technology is bringing us together despite living across the globe from each other. Since then though th...
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