The Right Approach: How MASS Delivers Positive Outcomes

"Contrary to popular opinion, it is entirely possible to successfully control IT projects and ensure on-time delivery, budgetary compliance and specified performance. In the context of Facilities Management, MASS knows how to do this for project investments - large and small." - David Bolt, Chairman



Ultimately, the success of MASS' approach is due to a proven, robust and reliable methodology, developed and enhanced by the company to a high level of expertise over more than two decades. Throughout the UK and Europe, it has enabled MASS to achieve significant results for clients in many diverse public and private sector organisations. These clients include the NHS, local government, universities and FTSE 100 companies.


MASS understands that the implementation phase requires not just the successful deployment of relevant information technology (IT), but also very well defined processes and activities for gathering, managing, storing, using and disseminating data and information within the client organisation. 




MASS knows how to make projects succeed, but also why they fail. The key to ensuring successful implementation projects is to consider and optimise four vital elements: IT Infrastructure, Software, Data and People. These must be seen not in isolation, but more importantly how they interact and form part of a holistic, 'joined-up' whole. In short, MASS looks at the big picture and how-to achieve efficiencies, cost-savings and eliminate waste-the elements must be integrated and streamlined.


To optimise project implementation and ensure a positive outcome, see how MASS approaches the four key resources.


Visiting the FM Show Ireland 25/04/2018

“FM Ireland delivered over 1200 attendees, despite Ireland seeing the heaviest snow in 36 years…”
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